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Do Binary Options Robots Work

Do Binary Options Robots Work and Can You Use them to Actually Make Money

  1. The bigger question is – if they do work – will the binary options broker cut you off?  
  2. Will your “broker” even pay you the profits you make?
  3. Do you understand what can happen if your robot goes haywire ?
  4. What happens if your binary options robot goes on a losing streak (that ends up draining your account)?
  5. Does your binary options broker permit binary options robot trading?
  6. Robots can be a side source of support in trading  but you’ll never really ever get around not learning how to trade binary options, even if it’s just a super simple binary options system.
  7. You can spend decades chasing automation hoping to get it to work while not getting it to work,  while not learning how to become a great trader  yourself.   What a waste. 
  8. If you are using a popular automation platform, don’t think for a second they are not watching out to what’s successful so they can steal your method, the binary options broker for that matter too.
  9. At this point I would say learn a simple dependable way to trade binary options, or day trade eminis futures or Forex.  In NADEX there are fortunes to be made if you learn simple solid methods.  And with our methods, you’ll learn something with every system or strategy that you can almost always cross apply to other genres of trading. 
  10. That said, I would not give up on auto trading, or figuring out how to automate or semi automate binary options trading or automate trading in general.   But I would also not neglect learning how to become a great trader yourself. 

So Do Binary Options Robots Work?

Maybe but probably not. Overall It’s a waste of time for most, especially in binary options.  It is imperative that you actually learn how to trade. You’re much better off getting a trading system and learning to trade that system.

Learn a skill for life that you can use on command. Robots can fall apart. Technology can fall apart. Platforms can close down. The broker can find that you are auto trading their platform and shut you out.

A lot of binary options robots pitches out there in the past were arguably flat out scams to get you to sign up for a binary options broker, usually Cyprus based.

If you want to do auto trading then you’re much better off sticking to futures, Forex and stocks because there are plenty of standardized Auto trading platforms that will fit your needs there.

If you hate trading so much that you will only do it if you autotrade then maybe you should do something else. There are newsletter services is out there that will auto trade your account for you. Some companies as they get your permission, will trade your account for you with software in vanilla options.

I think maybe a lot of traders are too worked up about auto trading also because they don’t trust themselves. Maybe they’re just impatient and didn’t want to learn how to trade well or maybe it’s just simply that they haven’t found a good strategy or system that fits for them and where they are starting in trading.

Therefore we have all sorts of NADEX binary options and spreads trading systems and strategies.

We even have a coaching program to help you on the inner game as well as teaching you how to become a super strategy Trader.

I would check it out and sign up because once you learn how to trade our ways you’ll have skills for life that you can use in binary options but you can also use in many ways for stocks Futures in Forex, vanilla options, cash indices options, etf, etf options, cryptocurrencies and whatever other instrument that comes into being in the future.

Binary Options Success ACTION Plan:

  1. JOIN: Our Binary Options AUTHORITY MASTERY Trading Coaching Programs
  2. GET A SYSTEM: NADEX Binary Options Systems
  3. Learn.  Study Historically.  Practice Historically.  Demo Practice.  Start with 1 Contract.  Prove Yourself.  Then move up to normal position sizes relative to your account size.   Work it out.  You can make it happen!
  4. Don’t procrastinate.  Get Movin’ !
  5. Contact Us and Tell Us How You Are CRUSHING IT in Binary Options.



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