All systems are to be considered hypothetical whether traded or not.  All systems results are based on systems entry and exit rules not on someone’s personal performance of the system.  We don’t even guarantee exact accuracy of the track record due to human error and oversight and or purposeful skewing of the results in order to a. not reveal the system exactly for back engineering purposes and b. attempt at the inclusion of various real time factors such as slippage or expiration cut of times of a binary option.  Our intent is to accurately represent what you are purchasing as much as possible so your expectations from sales letter to actual product will be the same.  Although systems results performance samples may look promising there are no guarantees of future performance.

If you have any problems please do contact us for help, after you have learned the materials.  There are no promises or guarantees whatsoever of future performance of the system, success in your ability to perform the system.  You are purchasing any system, strategy or course on this website for the sake of gaining more knowledge and insight to strategic approaches to binary options trading.   All systems and strategies are non refundable due to customer abuse in this industry.  Yet we will look to replace a system that you purchased with another system if, after you following our instructions on the first system for learning and correction, have reached a point where the system will not work for you.

There is risk in trading.  You could lose all of your money.  If margin is involved,  you can lose more than the money you put in upon a margin call.  Don’t trade with money that you can’t afford to lose.

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