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A strategy is a particular trading setup based on a price chart that will give you an exact plan of action to identify best trading opportunities for binary options as they arise.

With a strategy you can combine that strategy with other strategies to target the best opportunities like a "heat seeking trading warrior's missile".

And actually with the strategies below: If you master several of them you could potentially combine them synergistic ally to help you elevate to the status of Super Strategy Trader which is arguably the most powerful, and profitable form of trader there is.

NADEX 5 Minute Binary Options Strategies

DZ13 iv "The Ultimate" Cross Spectrum Trading System and Strategy.  2 Systems Approaches.  As a Strategy - Has Strategy Optimization Modules for CRUSHING it in 5 minute, 20, 2 hour, daily, weekly binary options, spreads but also vanilla options, stocks, futures and Forex!


The FOR Series of Binary Options Strategies for NADEX

NADEX 20 Minute Binary Options Strategies

NADEX 1-2 Hour, Daily and Weekly Binary Options Strategies

Older School Regular Binary Options Strategies that Can Be Used on NADEX as Well