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You should know me by now.    I got into binary options at a challenge by a binary option broker who contacted me through one of my vanilla options sites who explained what the binary options industry was all about and got me inspired as a challenge to make binary options trading systems and strategies for this brand spanking and trader bewildered industry.  So I did.  I made the first known binary options systems, ever back in 2009-2010:  STRIKER9 Light and Pro,  Kraken, OMNI11, Banker 11 light and Pro, U7 … and students loved them.  Some wrote in informing us the money they were making with these systems and at least one told us how he broke 7 figures with them as well.

Over the years I’ve gone “nuts” in a positive way creating all sorts of fantastic, mind bending binary options systems.  And I just keep producing more advanced ones and better ones.


  1. Firstly for the sake of excellence
  2. Secondly the “binary brainset” helps me unlock all sorts of secrets and treasures for my other trading systems and strategies – the big money markets such as Forex, Stocks, Futures and Vanilla Options.
  3. And maybe I can help a few more people out break 6 or 7 figures or more in binary options.
  4. Systems development other trading ambitions
  5. For the MASTERY of price action trading

All of my systems are based on a systems development philosophy, of which there are several.  But there is one core to all of the systems development philosophies:  I look to make systems that can stand the test of time based on price action principles that can stand the test of time.  Why?  Well that answer should be obvious!  So we, you, me, my trading team can make money turning each one of these systems into a diversified cash flow business center.

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