Binary Options AUTHORITY – FAQ – Tips & Customer Rules- Read Before Purchasing

And do not purchase unless you read this first.

Questions then Answers Below But Now Also Just Statements, Customer Rules for Your Perspective, Understanding How to Win and Understanding Our Customer Behavior Requirements Due to a Generation of Customers Trained to Behave Badly

  1. We provide you a system or a strategy or a course. Although we try to make good stuff we cannot promise you future returns whatsoever. So if you’re looking for a guaranteed future return (usually by those who have really crappy trading habits and refuse to let them go…) then don’t buy our products and go buy some robot from ClickBank.
  2. So although we hope to see you CRUSH IT with our systems and get on our Hall of Fame trading boards we do not and can not make you promises of future returns.  Plus that’s standard trading disclaimer legal stuff that is across the entire trading industry.
  3. If a system is totally not working out for you and you follow our instructions so we make sure you are trading the system correctly (because some students make up some strange ideas that are not related to our products) we would like to replace it for you with something more fitting to help put you in a better position to succeed.  That said (and see further comments below) some students have a. very bad mentalities b. very bad losing trading habits that will cause you to screw up the best of systems or strategies – its how it works in trading; the inner game is a big deal.  This is also why we are launching the Binary Options MASTERS Training Program Membership
  4. In day trading which is most of your binary options trading you have to understand that PRICE ACTION BEHAVIOR CYCLES. So if you start trading and you do well for a couple days, like really well, do not expect that great market behavior to be the same over the next so many days. Conversely if you start out crappy you’re likely cycle back into good, and I’m talking about historical study right now not even real trading because if you dive into quickly to real training you’ll likely make mistakes until you get better at reacting to the entry triggers in coordination with the NADEX strikes. Yes dancing with NADEX strikes is the trick with NADEX especially with faster expirations. The price action Behavior will likely change and cycle and cycle three different type of price Behavior but then we’ll tend to cycle back to the old sweetspot behavior that will do well with your system. This is the case for most systems whether it’s binary options trading, stock day trading, forex day trading, e-mini futures day trading and so on. So the point is that you need to be prepared for this mentally and emotionally because some students get a bit too emotional, and it happens, who knows maybe they have some crazy annoying people in their lives that make them extra emotional. But you have to have the perspective more like fishing: Things cycle some days are good some days are not so good. But if you have a system that could net profit over all of these days then you have something very powerful and that’s where the money is in trading in general but in particular day trading.
  5. Before you dive to trading even demo account trading you must study this system historically. If you’re going to be a schmuckazoid and dive into the markets barely learning the system at all, skimming over the instructions manual (has many personality types like to do… And then mess up the product they bought, break it, cause damage or even injury with a physical product for example…) thinking you know this system even if you do really well, it’s still not a good idea because you haven’t gotten a bigger picture of the system. They’re often many little nuances and scenarios that you may not be ready for if you rush ahead too quickly. Our systems are designed with the intent to do well on average over the long term. It’s not a guarantee of future returns, but an intent of doing well into the future of course and why wouldn’t we want to make a system that can stand the test of time. These systems are for us as well as you. But this means that if you’re looking to run a system, understand that a system is not a strategy. You can’t pick and choose which trade you’re going to do and you cannot pick and choose different types of trades, different entries and exits, use other systems and strategies at the same time because maybe you’re bored or we’re anxious to make money fast. Sorry with a system you have to go along with the pacing and you probably know by now that any rushed action in the markets get usually doesn’t end well. A system needs to be practiced so it can be executed well.
  6. When it comes to day trading particularly if you’re trading the shorter period expirations there’s not a lot of leeway for slippage or error. If your late on entries you’re going to miss some trades although sometimes you’ll actually get a better entry as the entry trigger bar pools back for you. So becoming a good trader of fast expiration takes a lot of practice. It’s a performance that is almost an athletic or video game level performance. But your money is on the line here and the marketplace won’t let you hit the reset button which makes it more significant but also puts more pressure on you. So you have to play active day trading like a game but you also have to have the perspective without getting overly worried, that you’re trading your money. And in order to keep grow that money you have to be very serious about and respectful of that money. Yes you can’t be too attached to the money so you can execute well but you have to be respectful have you money and not do irrational things that would unnecessarily damage your funds.
  7. On the other hand bad behavior, a flailing of the mouth, bad attitudes are no longer tolerated.  Our staff will no longer respond and you may even become a banned customer or worse.  Crooked behavior, swindling behavior, an insult of our products or our company that is not factual, made up in your head, cross associated to us from your experience with another company, sharing of our products publicly or stealing, hacking our products will not be tolerated.  Any illegal behavior as just mentioned including non factual online slander will open you up to the legal system and our staff simply has no tolerance will have no problem reporting you or taking appropriate action. But of course, this message is only for a tiny fraction of customers and most of our customers are good & fair people with some being great people, champions even.   So be great.  Don’t be a schmuck and give us suggestions on how we can be better for you.
  8. We want to help make you actually successful. This entails you learning the system correctly and practicing it .
  9. If you are in a rush or Panic to ” make money fast” in trading you’re in a certain mindset that the market we’ll take advantage of and you will tend to always lose or find some new way to lose.
  10. Bad behavior by customers is not tolerated and if our support team receives bad behavior then no support will longer be given. Act politely. We don’t care what other experience you had with someone else. With us if you want help then be respectful. If you become a problem because you are continually not listening to what our support team requires and or if you’re just trying to manipulate in order to get free stuff then we may even send you a bill for coaching. And our coaching fees are very expensive.
  11. We want to work with winners. If you’re a chronic loser then make sure you get on our new Binary Options MASTERS Training Program. If you’re a chronic loser at least your chronic! It’s better to be a chronic loser than a wafler in the market because once you can inverse the consistency of losing, a whole very large opportunity of consistent winning can be right around the corner for you.
  12. The markets are quite amazing. If you’ve ever been much into the manifesting concepts or in law of attraction concept, one of the strongest application of those philosophies is right here in the markets.. If you are negative minded and expect the worst in the markets you’re going to get it. If you are positive minded and expect the best you’re going to tend to get that too. In fact we’ve seen over time in others and students of ours and from our various own personal experiences that if one is positive, even a crappy strategy can work for them. But if one is negative they can find and invent new ways to mess up the best system of strategy there is. It’s just pretty wild how it works in the marketplace for trading.
  13. Truly if you want to be a long-term trader you’re going to have to not only Master the markets you’re going to have to master yourself. So we have started to incorporate this type of teaching in our new MASTERS or MASTERY monthly membership programs on all of our AUTHORITY Brand sites. See:
  14. Another interesting observation is the “El Cheapo Syndrome”. Very strange things happen with those who have the tendency to be worried about money all the time and it go for cheapness, deal upon deal, coupons and to try to extract out every little bit of everything which then translates over into trading the markets, which is a bad thing (a combination of what old timers call “fear & greed”. Yes, when El Cheapo Syndrome infects your trading trying then expect a lot of trouble ahead.  The El Cheapo Syndrome is arguably a concept that one acquires from family where there is a “mentality of lack” and a general cheapness, a stinginess, an “evil eye” that often is into a heavy use of coupons and the sort and BOGO deals.
    1. You know what’s interesting on a side note, I just reviewed all of our best students, the those on our Success Story boards and Hall of Fame boards, those who are six and seven-figure earners from the direct use of our systems. And none of them used coupons!  Some people even refuse to use coupons and want to pay a fair prices because they understand a universal law that goes along with that from what they have learned. None of them use the coupon! Now that’s really interesting. Even an individual who bought Binary CRANK – a 30 minutes system from another site of ours, refuse to pay with a coupon and bought the system for $5000, a system of lesser average winning percent on average, yet of that but very solid and very easy to trade This fellow went on to smash out incredible profits telling us that Binary CRANK allowed him and his wife to live a lifestyle they never would have been able to do on his own. Now that’s pretty cool isn’t it!
    2. Now the problem is, a few years ago we got into this idea from some marketer guy and maybe it was Groupon too, about putting out these coupon deals of the day. And you know what, doing that may have this devalued our binary options systems and devalued student’s belief in the systems in the process now after a few years in doing this.  Doing these coupons may have just presented that whole coupon mindset, that El Cheapo Syndrome, which represents a mindset of lack and negativity, an anti-abundance mentality, which as I mentioned does not do very well in the markets at all. So maybe we can try moving away from this coupon phase and present our systems a bit better because otherwise a lot of folks maybe missing out on something that could change their life for the positive because of coupons and deals of the day.  Now that is certainly interesting too.
  15. Hey we’re willing to work with you to help make you a winner if you’re willing to put in the work. Eventually coaching will be a paid thing, and maybe it’s a pay thing already by the time you read this but don’t take our support lightly.
  16. There are zero refunds, okay? So if you have a problem with that then do not buy our products. Due to the forex markets and ClickBank a whole generation customers were trained to basically steal products. They develop an attitude that all trading products should be free. Sorry. In fact we’re going to eventually need to move up to franchise pricing which should be several hundred grand plus per system. Have you ever bought a franchise? If you have you know what a pain it is and how it can be a  Non-Stop 24/7 pain and worry. Plus only the few lucky stores make any significant money, which also requires even more consuming effort to maintain and even those proceeds are  chump change and very much not worth the investment compared to a solid trading business that you can compound over time. Here with a trading system you have something hundreds or thousands of times more potentially valuable wall it actually creates you free time and gives you the opportunity to make way more money and compounding.
  1. What are your products?  Is this software?
    1. NO this is not software.  These are real trading systems in video based home study courses.
    2. Binary options software – yeah right – have you known of one that actually works in coordination with a standard binary broker? Right.  So that s why we sell you real trading systems.
    3. There is ridiculous amounts of opportunity on binary options if you learn to trade systematically with systematic money management position sizing.
  2. Are any of your systems the same or are they all different?
    1. All of our systems are different! Each are individual “creative works of art” – as we like to think of them. Each system addresses a different style of trading. Heat system has its own feel. Each binary options system is designed to have its own desired end result.If you have any questions or feel that we need to more clearly to find something please contact us through the contact link above.
  3. How much money can I make with your systems?
    1. Well we can’t guarantee you or promise you future returns – you should know that by know … But we design systems with the hope, the intention, with the insistence even that you do very well with them. Additionally if you buy a system and you are struggling let us know! Our goal for each customer who wants to have the discipline to do things right is for them to become consistently profitable and then eventually very profitable.If you are struggling let us know. If you are doing very well let us know – it’s good to have feedback. But if you are struggling let’s figure out why and get you on the right track!
    2. Some of our students have reported really good success with our systems over time.  Some even have claimed to break the 7 figure mark.  Some have mentioned that they are “killing it”.  One guy got kicked out of an old school Cyprus based binary broker because he was making too much money (got up to $500k – but at least they paid him out.)
    3. In order to succeed in trading you need to become very business like, detached emotionally and math orientated in terms of your money management position sizes and risk to reward rations in combination for solid winning percent probability over time…   Because all that counts in the markets and in business is to net out profit, keep that profit, grow that profit and compound that profit over time.
  4. Is there a guarantee of success?
    1. We’re not allowed to give you any sort of guarantee.   If you’re asking this question you must be new to trading.  Looking for guarantees and trading is a trap. You should be focusing on the terms “high probability Trading”
  5. Why do your products seem so expensive?
    1. Expensive relative to what?  A fake robot?
    2. Try buying a franchise! Relative to the potential these prices are cheap.  Where is the putting out good stuff that has the very strong potential to work.  If you’re looking for “cheap” there are plenty of sites out there selling cheap binary options products and related junk.
  6. What’s the best binary options broker?
    1. We can’t recommend a broker.   We can give you a list but other than NADEX and a Cantor based broker these days,  you’ll have to test on your own.  Your country may have its own brokers too – may want to check into that.
  7. What’s the best binary options expiration to trade?
    1. That deepens on which broker.  2 of our favorites are the 2 hour binary (trading for momentum and then getting out) and the 20 minute binary, both at NADEX.
  8. How can I make $1000 a day trading binary options?
    1. Get a solid system that can thereby giving you a higher probability chance at success in the future (not a guarantee but a higher probability) and work the system.  That’s the best approach from our experience.
    2. Never trade off a heart based emotional idea
    3. Make a plan and stick to it.  Evaluate that plan, adjust, test and employ if desired.
    4. Don’t aim for perfection aim for netting out a profit!
  9. What’s your return policy?
    1. There isn’t one on trading systems or trading strategies meaning, once you bought it, it’s yours.  If it’s totally not working out for you after seeking help from us and you following our instructions of corrections – we’ll replace the system with something else.  We have many, many binary options systems or can generate a solution pretty quickly.  So no worries.
    2. Unfortunately because of customer abuse and scammer abuse, refunds on trading systems are out the window. You can thank the Forex markets, Clickbank and then the scammy binary broker and ‘robot’ market for that.  And in our opinion the only reason someone would give you a refund on a proprietary trading system would be that it is junk or it’s something they copied from elsewhere.
    3. Also if you’re willing to risk several thousand bucks or more or even a few hundred bucks in the markets on a whim and not willing to invest in an education or a system to learn how to trade well – does that even sound like a good thing to do ? No obvious it’s not.
    4. Also if you are desperate for money that’s a very negative mindstate to be in with the markets and will cause extra losing.  Just about every decent trading book over time will tell you that as well.
    5. If buying a system, strategy or course seems like a big expense or risk of money then you may want to find some other way to make money and come back to the markets later so you can be in a more relaxed mindstate about trading.  You need to have a “fair” mindstate about trading and be willing to take the proper mathematical risk per trade.  You also need to invest in your education.   Just think:  most foolishly invest $100k to $200k for a joke scam of a “Bachelors Degree” and end up making how much of a salary?  Right.  Slightly above poverty level, if that.   So you’re looking at a $1000 to $3000 system that has the potential of putting you into 6 figures into your first year?  And you’re thinking that’s expensive?  Maybe it’s time we start raising our prices to $100k to $200k and the universities start reducing their prices to $1k to $3k for the entire 4 years.
  10. What are “Systems Results”?
    1. These are results based on the system’s rules.  So if system says buy at a certain point then we count it in the track record.  This way we give you the most accurate representation of what you are buying.  You are buying the rules (and not someone’s personal performance of the system which could be filled errors especially in today’s low attention spans).  So you would need to simple learn the system rules and do them.  You do this by practice with a demo or tiny trading positions.  So you just simply get better and better at trading the system.  Every one needs to go through this process in learning to trade a system well, even we do on our own systems!   It it MUCH better to master a system yourself personally because when you do you now own a skill for life.  People keep chasing robots – it’s largely a waste of time.  What happens if the robot is no good or goes bad later?  Most robot stories we hear end badly or were never even intended to work in the first place but rather to get you to signup into a broker so that broker would get a customer and some affiliate would get a commission.
  11. Do you trade your own systems?
    1. We may or may not trade what is offered on our site.  You should understand that we likely have systems that we don’t offer publicly to use on our own trading companies.  We design systems for our needs or for customer needs, desired end results.  If we like a system a lot we may even take it of the market.
    2. If a system is making too much money for us or others we make take the system off the market
    3. Many systems we make may not ever be traded by us since they were made for others and we have so many systems they are “coming out of our ears” as the expression goes.   But we design systems based on 30 years of market experience:  trading experience and systems development experience, research, testing etc.   30 years – yikes that is a long time.   So you are buying a system here whether we trade it or not based on our experience.   So therefore all systems are to be considered hypothetical, but we do make them good.  And so you understand as long as we are actively in business, we are happy to work with you to help tweak a system or even replace it to fit you better.  It is in our desire that you actually succeed and actually start netting out a profit.  It does everyone good to see you succeed and learn to trade in a professional, shrewd, simplified way.  So we tell you all this to give you as a complete and straight up perspective as we can.  And as you can see from the disclaimer below “past results do not necessarily equal future results, you could do worse, or better…”
    4. Also different folks jive with different systems, feels of a system while trading that system, different time frames, styles of systems in different ways.  You just need to find that ideal fit of a system for you.  You can’t really find it until you start trying, until you start trading.

More Questions and answers will be added on below:

  1. What are best systems for NADEX 20 5 2 hour daily and weekly expirations?
    1. To see a grouping of NADEX systems to types and expiration go here:
  2.  What is the difference between your Nadex systems and strategies?
    1. A: A system is a set of rules one does over and over. It’s a stratey or group or strategies one executes without picking and choosing. A strategy is a setup one does when they feel it’s best to enter. They can combine one strategy with another to have an optimizized oportunity frequently
  3.  Do you provide indicators with your systems, or how will it be possible for me to know the exact entry and exit points?
    1. All of our systems are rule based. It’s very clear how to enter and exit. It’s pretty simple actually
    2. If yes, what indicators do you usually use with your systems
      1. A: we don’t need indicators.
  4. – Do I have to use Think or Swim for charting with your systems? I ask it because I can’t get access to TOS because Ameritrade don’t allow registration from Hungary.
    1. A: hey if its free but if using NADEX they have great charts. Trading view has good charts too. Of course MT5 online is accessible. But you can use NADEX charts.
  5.  If you made a rank what would be your top 3 choices of Nadex systems, and why?
    1. We don’t have a top 3: each system is made for a different purpose. Here are 3 favorites at the moment, although favorites can change:
    2. NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options Scalping System
    3. NADEX RED 20 Minute Binary Options System Scalper
    4. NADEX OMNI19 NADEX Binary Options System
  6.  I know it is hard but do you have a Nadex system that is accurate, where both the win rate and the reward to risk are high, and makes consistent profit?
  7. You can see from the performance samples on each system a sample win rate and risk to reward ratio.
  8. – Which Nadex system do you recommend for beginners?
    1. That’s hard because it’s all solid but for what you are looking for i’ll list the super solid in approach

Best advice: Just start somewhere. Don’t try to find the “perfect system” because there isn’t one. A perfect system is one that you learn to trade well and that nets out a profit you can compound over time

  1. Which Nadex system or strategy do you trade regularly?
    1. A: We have a lot of our own that we don’t publish and are developing new ones all the time. We combine several of these systems concepts into one for some systems. Then we separate out different methods to different places. We make lots of systems and share some with those seeking to trade better or even become a great trader.
    2. A: We wouldn’t tell you anyways if we were trading any of these systems at the moment 😉
  2. – Can you somehow prove the results of your systems shown on the sales pages of the systems?
    1. The results are based on exit and entry rules. So if you would have done the same entries and exits according the the systems results given on the performance sample then you could have had similar results. So then it becomes a performance of the system. We have had many successful students over time, some even breaking 7 figs as they have reported to us at their own inspiration. But we can’t promise you future results as per legal disclaimers and verbiage.
    2. A lot of people think that by an individual having a lucky run at a system for a given time that they could have the same results.  They are looking for emotional proof.  Yes.  We all like that don’t we.  You see that when people are selling marketing strategies and systems online which are popular – people “want to see success” that someone often accidentally had for a moment in time.   But trading the market (and online business) success is about having a solid systematic approach that nets out over time.   Because sometimes getting lucky in the markets for a few days as a beginner is the worst thing to ever happen in your trading career.  In order to succeed in trading you need to become very business like, detached emotionally and math orientated in terms of your money management position sizes and risk to reward rations in combination for solid winning percent probability over time…   Because all that counts in the markets and in business is to net out profit, keep that profit, grow that profit and compound that profit over time.
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