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Binary Systems Development Philosophies

There are different approaches to developing trading systems.  Many different people have many different trading goals.  Others desire to find a certain feel from their trading system.  Others focus on hard core profitability no matter what it takes.  Others like to keep things very simple.  Others like to go for ‘the big one’ and strike that big home run gain. Others like to trade in different time frames due to conveniences.  Others like to trade in certain time frames because that time frame gives them an edge.  Still others like to trade certain instruments.  And others like to trade only at certain binary brokers.

Well we have developed trading system development philosophies to meet many of these end result goals and desires.

  1. Trading for a Good Living Systems Development Philosophy
  2. Stupid Simple Systems Development Philosophy
  3. JackPOT Systems Development Philosophy
  4. ClusterFLUX Systems Development Philosophy
  5. The ANTI (emotion) Systems Development Philosophy

We have systems to meet the following needs so far:

  1. Forex binary options
  2. Gold binary options systems (spot not commodity futures)
  3. Brief Focus systems
  4. Binary options strategies – to trade whenever the opportunity arises over various instruments at whatever time.  To allow trader to time most optimally price events.
  5. Cluster based systems
  6. Periodic time trader binary systems
  7. Time event binary systems
  8. Index binary options systems
  9. NADEX binary options systems
  10. Range based binary systems
  11. Breakout based binary systems
  12. Trending based binary options systems
  13. Chart pattern based binary options system
  14. Indicator based binary option systems