What’s the Difference Between VECTOR92.0 and CRANKER NADEX 20 Minute Expiration Trading Systems?

Here Is a Question We Recently Answered Regarding A Couple Powerful And Consistent Systems That, Once You Master Them, Maybe Able To Provide You An Way To Become Financially Independent, Trading From Home For A More Liberating Work From Home Job.

VECTOR92.0 & CRANKER have been  long term consistent approaches for us.  We have fellow from the UK who uses CRANKER who tells us that, CRANKER system has enabled him to live a lifestyle he would never have been able to live – if that’s of encouragement.

These systems take 2 different approaches to repeatable, consistently repeatable price action phenomenon. This also enables you to pop into the market, let’s say, for an hour here, 2 hours there – both approaches have that same type of consistency.   We made both systems in a similar systems development mindset at the time.

With systems like this and in general – it’s best to trade all the trades within a period of time. It’s also better to eventually get a consistent period of time where you trade.

The fastest way to learn the system is through doing some historical study, historical paper trading and then practicing on the demo for a bit to line up your reaction to the system in real time.  Then you should be good to go.  Start small, work it up.

So time wise, you could technically look to trade for 30 minutes and be done.  You can optimize the system to find the most sweet spot 30 minutes of time.  You could also find, for example, which type of 30 minute block or 1 hour block etc performs the best for your instrument and in respect to what’s going on, on the charts i.e. trend vs consolidation vs channel etc.

Here are the links for both systems:




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