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What is Scalping on NADEX and Can It Work?

What is Scalping on NADEX and Can It Work?

Scalping is an act of taking a slice… Now that term is not very pleasant if you want to think about the history of it. Well actually let’s think about the history of it…

Native Americans used a not-so-nice technique of scalping their enemy. They would take a slice of someone’s scalp for “profit”. In a similar but less gruesome way we look to take a slice of price action in day trading but use the Fantastic leverage of NADEX binary options to leverage at a potential greater return with less risk depending on how you play it.

So the action requires we take a single direction move and in one swoop we enter and then exit taking a profit. Now it will vary how you play a scalp on NADEX in regards to what expiration you are playing. The expiration you’re playing we’ll also to determine the type of price chart you’re going to be looking at in terms of minute bars.

So different time frame price charts offer different opportunities. When you use an appropriate time chart coordinating with a fitting expiration you can find lots of scalping opportunities. And really scalping opportunities with NADEX comes in many shapes and sizes. In fact we’ve already made several scalping strategies and systems that you can find on this site.

The first you’ll want to check out our NADEX binary options scalping course that you can access right here.

We look to make some more posts on this issue of scalping because there is a very unique opportunity here at NADEX to employ this scouting type of trading approach. There is so much opportunity we’re grabbing price action burst and combining that with a price grab on NADEX. Also we can shoot for expiration with a scalp which is another interesting technique. More on that later

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