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Learn how to become a Super Strategy Trader

What’s a Super Strategy Trader?

A Super Strategy Trader is a trader that MASTERS many strategies, their optimizations and they MASTER the inner game of trading.

A Super Strategy Trader is like a top level super star athlete who has a certain number of moves down that the athlete uses in order to respond optimally in real time. i.e. Michael Jordan.

Also the athlete has learned enough about the game whereas they know certain things not to do pitfalls to avoid.

Learn a new mindset that is a high performance mindstate while trading like a top athlete where this mindstate allows them to operate at a peak performance state.

As a Super Strategy Trader you will be executing multiples strategies in real time corresponding to the Market’s current price action scenario. You’ll also look to optimize or use optimization factors in combination with the strategy to line up the most highly probable trades.

Your winning percentage becomes very high and your ability to accurately predict the highest probability big home run trades becomes very good as you keep progressing in mastery. And at that point you can go on to become an extremely profitable trader.

Check out our Super Strategy Trader Coaching Mastery Programs Here and You Can Get Started

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  4. NADEX HOME RUN Masters Program
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