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110% Winning Binary Options – Is This What You Really Want?

The pursuit of the “Holy Grail” in trading…. and we found it!

If you’ve read many trading books over time you heard of this concept of pursuing this “Holy Grail” concept.  This concept means that you are looking for your ideal most best this trading system ever and you just keep on looking and looking and looking.

Now there’s nothing wrong with trying to find better and better trading systems and trying to refine your trading business. That’s great. But that’s not what were talking about here with his pursuit of the “Holy Grail” concept.

This pursuit of the “Holy Grail” concept comes with the pursuit of something else and it’s not necessarily success in trading. So what is it?

One can arguably some of this pursuit of the “Holy Grail” as a pursuit of emotional experience or the running away from certain perceived emotional experiences. 

Why would anyone want 100% winning? On one hand everyone wants 100% winning but when they realize that 100% winning is actually a bad idea then they start to become liberated to start trading successfully. If you think about it, a lot, if someone had a 100% winning system it would collapse the market place. It could not exist and there would be no more opportunity left eventually for the trader trading at 100% winning system. 

But the problem with the “Holy Grail” chasers is that they are chasing not even 100% winning but 110% winning or more! What does that mean? That means that:

  • They don’t ever want to lose because they are running away from the pain of with the associate to a losing trade.
  • So on that note they don’t understand that trading the markets must be run as a business where you have revenues and costs and they only profit by subtracting costs from revenues whereas your revenues need to be greater than your costs. After you trade a while you start to realize that this is just the way it is. 
  • One hit wonders don’t make an keep money very long. chasing the biggest most amazing trades is actually not an approach for long-term success.
  • Looking for the ultimate home run so one can brag about your trade ultimately is a trap because the only way to make money long-term the markets is through repetitive deals, just like a business.
  • One can also say that this “Holy Grail” syndrome is caused by greed whereas the individual is trying to pursuit of most of the mostest of the mostest while thereby ends up “chasing their tail” as the expression goes, going around in circles, accomplishing nothing except maybe loss of money.  
  • One could also argue that the pursuit of this holy Grail is simply a form of procrastination where the individual is willing to do the hard work part of learning how to trade.
  • There’s more….

We will have to discuss more about this concept of the “Holy Grail”  trap in a further post. But in the meantime in order to learn how to avoid getting into these types of mental, emotional traps you may want to consider joining our NADEX binary options and NADEX spreads coaching programs. You can see more about that here



The pursuit of the “Holy Grail” in trading…. and we found it

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