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NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System V2.0 Empowering YOU to Punnk the Binary Options Markets Scorching it for Potential GOBS of Cash on a Daily Basis Like This:

Here are some recent systems results track record of PUNNNKD shown with 10 contracts:

  • 9/24/18 LWWWWWLWWWW =  8W 2L  +$3000 // 10 TO 12:   2-4 WWWWW = 5W +$2500 NET PROFIT: $5,500
  • 9/25 :WLWWWWWWWLW = 9W 2L  +$3500 // WLWWWWWWLWWW = 10W 2L +$4000  NET PROFIT: $7,500
  • 9/26 WWLWWWWWWWWW =  11W 1 L  +$5000 //  WLWWLWWWWLWLWW = 10W 4 L +$3000   NET PROFIT: $8,000
  • 9/27 WWLLLWWWW = 6 W 3 L  +$1500 // WLLWWWWWLLW  = 7W 4W +$1500   NET PROFIT: $3,000

NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System V2.0 has Been Upgraded With A Tweak In Order To Target Expiration.  In Order To Handle Different Times And Price Changes At NADEX, We’ve Tweaked PUNNKD To Target Expiration And The System’s Results Have Been Absolutely Fantastic.

The great thing about this 20 minute binary options system is that it gives you flexibility to treat it as a strategy or just trade it whenever you want. We have shown trading window times of 10 a.m. To noon and 2 p.m. To 4 p.m. for the coordination with the USA stock market with results below. We have shown results in these to our Windows because why?

  1. We want to get back to focusing on the Traders lifestyle. What’s that?
  2. It’s the ultimate lifestyle for any business! So first of all just imagine trading 2 hours a day for a very robust living.
  3. Second of all imagine being able to trade whenever you want not even being limited to a two-hour specific window per day. Then imagine being able to take days weeks months off whenever you want.
  4. On top of that thinking about having a trading system that is so powerfully ingrained, linked to you human behavior and emotion,  even the laws of nature,  the laws of the universe…  that you can have a way of  day trading binary options for a long time into the future a very long time…  
  5. But wait there’s more! You can take what you learn from NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System V2.0  and apply it to regular day trading or even as a swing trading mechanism for daily bars or even micro swing bars.

So your investment  into NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System  has the potential to pay for itself thousands of times over and more into the future. You will not be disappointed by adding NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System to Your Arsenal.

  1. Entry setups, signals are clear and easy to hit
  2. Trades 2 hours a day or 4 or trade whenever you want – the entry strategy principle remains the same
  3. Trade 1 hour a day if you want too.
  4. Very solid system with price action trading approach that has and can stand the test of time
  5. This is a home study video course you can access online where we teach you the secrets of the system and how to trade it.
  6. Not software.  Software and binaries are a waste of time plus you learn nothing and when the software breaks you’re outta luck.

From a prior post on this NADEX Scalping System:

Here is an older result.  12/14 /16  wlwlwwwwwwwwwlwwww that’s 9:40 to 12.  wwwwwwwlwwww  so that’s  14 to 1600  26 W and 4 loses.  We’re updating the system and presentation.  Because YOU NEED this System!  Don’t go on with out it!  It could change your life starting tomorrow!!

So if you would have learned the PUNNKD system and taken all these trades as seen above with 10 contracts you could have been up approximately $24,000 in 4 days.  Now that’s pretty good cash flow. But what if you got so good with the system or if you just had the account size and traded 50 contracts per trade?  Then your 4 day paycheck could have been approximately $120,000.  Now that’s more like it!  

Here are some more recent results on the fly I’ll just pop in here

3-Oct 10 2018 TO 12 WWLLWLLWWLWLWWW 9W 6L $1,500 2 TO 4 WWLLLWLWWWLWWLW 9W 6L $1,500
4-Oct 10 TO 2 LWWWWWWWW 8 W 1 L $3,500 2 TO 4 WWWLLLWWWWWW 9W 3L $3,000

Daily Averages Based on 10 Contract Trading of the 20 Minute NADEX Binary Option

3000 + 3500 + 5000 + 1500 + 1500 + 3500 = $18,000 for $3000 a Day Trading Only  10 to Noon.

2500 + 4000 + 3000 + 1500 + 1500 + 3000 = $15,500 for $2583.33a DayTrading Only  2 to 4 p.m..

Or $5,583 a Day Average trading 4 Hours a day

And a combined $33,500 6 Day Profit.

Most  binary options day Traders need to think a bit more ambitiously than they do. They need to think bigger. They need to not make puny negative statements such as “ohhh I just want to make a few extra thousand bucks a month.. Just so i can get by…”. Enough with that fake humility thinking. You need to Thank big goals and kick some tail going to get those goals.   if you believe you can achieve. And actually whatever you believe that’s what you’re going to achieve! So why not believe big! And actually 50 contract is not that big. Start  thinking bigger 10 times that amount.   and don’t worry if you make too much money you have the entire vanilla options market and the stock market and the Forex market and the Futures markets to go into after that and we have systems for those tooo.

so stop getting punked by the market  and start learning how to PUNNKD the markets at NADEX  with a really smart system that is super solid concept built to endure overtime just as long as humans stay human.

So you know my stuff is good.  And PUNNKD is great.  I would get it if I were you.  Buy it here:

It’s $3k.  Get it before it’s $10k.

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