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NADEX OMNI19NADEX OMNI19 NADEX Binary Options System

“Crush it” and “Stack it” with Precision Using the New OMNI19 NADEX Binary Options System

Downright Heinously Insane Per Day Average Systems Results  $5,420 average on 10 contracts

You can use the NADEX OMNI19 NADEX Binary Options System as a Strategy so Hone into the “Best Moves” or Simply Run the System without Much “Deep Thought”

This NADEX binary option system plays a type of momentum trigger that allows us to scalping a text to our binary options. When I say scallop I don’t necessarily need take small profits. Whatever type of profit first we can get. If we can ride our options taking up position from 20 to 90 – sure we will grab that profit!

  • Run OMNI19 as a system
  • Run OMNI19 as an on the fly strategy with tons of opportunity.
  • Turn OMNI19 into your quick fix scalper!
  • OMNI19 can be converted into a 20 minute binary, Daily and even weekly NADEX strategy if you wanted too.
  • Trades the 2 hour overlapping as one hour NADEX binaries.
  • Trades for expiration
  • This is a home study course that you can access on line that teaches you the system
  • We go slightly OTM on the strikes to give us a better reward to risk ratio without having to travel many pips
  • Trades Forex NADEX binary options
  • Super solid system with trading for a living potential right out of the box
  • Extremely stable system for binary options long-term proven to be solid we’re trading for a potential very good living.
  • Business in a box type system that you could potentially start trading for a living or a business right away.
  • Are you looking for a new way for making money? Try OMNI19
  • Are you looking for a side income? You may want to check out this solid NADEX binary option system called OMNI19.

This is a prolific binary option system and is quite precise. You are going to like this system!

This method is a new variation on a theme… We have discovered a fantastic new trigger that works exceptionally well with NADEX. We will use this method to trigger into profit on Forex but also on the index futures as well.

This system was designed for the 2-hour NADEX  binary options although adaptable.

NADEX OMNI19But I’m sure some of you could adapt this to the 20 minutes as well. You also may be able to adapt this to the 5 minute binary. But just to make clear, NADEX OMNI19 NADEX Binary Options System is designed to play the two-hour binary now understand that we are not looking to hold a position for 2 hours!

Using the 2-hour binary expiraion period, the premium decay is not very fast nor is there pressure to fit within some smaller price cycle like the 20-minute NADEX binary options or the five minute binary option. We are simply trading momentum within the 2-hour expiration, which is more like a 1 hour expiration since the 2 hour binaries overlap. But the trades usually won’t last that long. We usually take our profits quickly since it does not take very many points or Pips in order to achieve a strike on the NADEX 2 hour binary option.

To clarify for some of you think everything is software going this is a home study course that teaches you the the system rules. We are teach secret sauce of the actual trading system unlike binary options software or open quote robots close quote with your a waste of time. You need to learn how to trade yourself; you need that skill for life. You need to be able to trust what you were doing in the market and can’t do that with some mysterious that will probably blow up on you later.

Performance results

The results samples below are based on the system rules. The system rules are essentially what you are buying with this trading system course.  We will teach you how to trade the system in the course. Your success with the system will depend on how well you get to know for the entry rules and execute them in real time although no future performance promises can be made etc..

Here we have the next strike OTM on NADEX binaries which if the ATM is ~ 50 the 1st strike will be between ~ 26 and 35.   So we just take an average of 22.  You need to clear 4 pips by expiration in order to be ITM and win the whole position. You can trade ATM but we wanted to get a better risk to reward ratio.   So there is an average $320 risk and a $680 reward per 10 contracts.  Now we don’t need high winning percentages at all to make money.

Check out the 5 wins 7 loss day.  Most of you would flip out on that.  But the day nets out $1000!  Now that’s the way to trade!  Lose and still make money.  But then win and CRUSH IT.

I’m mean come on look at July 26-29!  That’s just ridiculous and super ridiculous that we are only trading 10 puny contracts!  So and average of $5,420 on 100 contracts where your trade risk size would be $3,200 a trade, that average profit from the results below would be $54,200 a day.

Most trades move right away. We play 2 hour overlapping binary options with Forex so they are essentially 1 hour NADEX binary options!   So we got our 60 minute binary options back!

We are going for expiration just like old school binary options. It’s a 1 or a zero, boom or bust.   But check this out – lot of boom going on here.  Here is a 5 day sample trading 9 am to 4 pm EST.  That said this system would likely work better in the Euro market times.

Results based on 10 Contracts a trade and $320 risk to $680 reward (approx) which is why you see a net profit of $1000 on a losing day! Pretty cool ehh.

W L  Net P/L
26-Jul WLWWWWWWWWLWWWWLLLL 13 6 $6,870.00
WWWWLWWLWWWLLWL 10 5 $5,150.00
LLLLWWLWLL 3 7 ($380.00)
LLLWWWLLWWLL 5 7 $1,000.00

That’s a $5,420 average per day on 10 contracts.

I would say this system to hit these entries is very doable.  We are looking to trade 5 minute bars so there isn’t a panic.  Once you identify your setup you can be well ready to anticipate your entry.

Launch Special:  $1997


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