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Are Binary Options Gambling?

Yes binary options are gambling.  But so is getting in your car and driving.  So is getting married.   So is stocking investing.  So is taking that next bite of food,  hoping it won’t make you sick.

A lot of people use words because “everyone else” is using words various vague ways while such words need more clarity such as that word “gambling”. What people refer to as “not gambling” often is associated with: a. The ‘they’ say is not gambling. b. Or something that seems a greater probability and stability and dependability based on experience or reputation. And fortunately because of the institution of becoming a USA financial exchange a trading exchange such as NADEX can provide a lot of stability.

Now the question is: is the way NADEX is set up in terms of this pricing relative to the average move on the underlying asset positioned in a place that is just outside of the realm of opportunity for consistent profitability? Some may say yes some may say no. But they price their binaries differently on different assets as well. But also people who would say yes also tend to not know the many many different strategic ways to trade these NADEX binary options.

On top of that it’s really difficult to rig a spread because, for the most part, spread trading is simply trading momentum and what you achieve in terms of momentum is what you get at expiration. So if you’re looking to swing trade or do intraday swing trading and you can trade spreads and not worry about having a position blanked out because it’s out of the money.

If you mean – “Is binary options trading rigged?”.  All trading markets are “rigged” to an extent whether that be by something that is actually shady but more so by statistical math.  Market place exchanges that present a place for you to trade are betting that most people are too lazy to do any diligence in actually learning how to trade so they will profit handsomely due to that tendency.

Casino’s have their own math and or rigging. Casino gambling can be treated in a very professional way.  But casino gambling is statistically low probability for the individual.  And casino gambling is notoriously associated with losing. And even though some may win here and there or have short quark term winning streaks, in the end, probability is strong for an overall long-term loss.

Trading the markets or even day trading can be a very high, statistically probable “game’ if you learn and master solid trading systems and or trading strategies.  They keyword there is “master”.   SO if you’re willing to put in a little bit of “elbow grease” and actually learn how to trade a system and or a strategy, or a binary options system or a binary options strategy then you’ve come to the right place. Click here to get one and put it to action.

And we like to push the concept simply trading system one step further in that we like to emphasize the importance for you to set up your own trading company. And setting up your own trading company is not just “trading as a business” which is a hackneyed expression that many use yet do not know or understand what they’re talking about.   And those who have run their own bricks and mortar business tend to understand the gravity, the organization and the consistency of execution that is needed in order to make a business successful, grow and thrive.

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