NEW NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options Scalping System is Ridiculous!


NEW NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options Scalping System is Ridiculous!


Yeaaaaahh I messed up.  I was trying to make this “light” level system and ooops I did it again…

Look at this ridiculousness!

Yes see the logo says strategy but it ended up turning into an awesome system again!  Ahgggrr why can’t i make a lame system any more!

Check this out:

12/14 /16  wlwlwwwwwwwwwlwwww that’s 9:40 to 12.  wwwwwwwlwwww  so that’s  14 to 1600.  On this faster day most went from roughly 20 to 30 range to 90 and many went to expiration on a SCALPING method:  26 W and 4 loses

Yikes.   How much should we sell this for – or should we even sell it?

If your average trade on this day made say $500 (risking $200 to $300/trade) that’s $11,000 bucks for a days work and for a tiny position size.

So if you were risking $1000 to $1500 per trade what would the profit be… $55,000 for a 4 hour job of fun?

That’s a pretty good daily paycheck if you ask me.

Contact if interested.

Actually if you want to buy it you can buy it here.


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