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The Secrets of STRIKER9…

The Secrets of STRIKER9…

People want to know why STRIKER9 is so successful and how they
could personally become successful in trading STRIKER9 Light and
especially PRO.

Well.  I’ve been at this sport of trading for some time and I’ve
learned a few things.  I’m going to most referrer to STRIKER9 Pro

1. You’re going to need to associate trading to fun whether you
feel fun from trading or not (and that will vary from day to day
with day trading).  This means you are going to have fun, as a
verb, while trading, look for fun in trading, look for and focus
upon the enjoyable parts of trading thereby positively associating
trading to your very powerful in trading, subconscious.

2.Be very patient and go step by step.  This is what ‘kills’ most
people. Most people join trading as a quick mo*ney fix because they
need mo*ney now.  This attitude inherently is disrespectful to the
arguably the greatest business on earth – trading. And that just
won’t go over well with the markets, or rather your psychological
relation to the markets.

This means you’ll want to take the time to learn, practice and
really get good at trading the system RIGHT – not your version of
the system – just get good at mindlessly following the system rules
without you trying to make it better or ‘be more right’ (because
you’ll just be more wrong trading in real time).  Also you can’t
chicken out on the clusters!  When you’ve got a cluster you’ve
gotta ‘kill it’, attack it.

3. Hey.  Who says YOU have to trade the system all day?  Once YOU
become a master of STRIKER9 Pro then hire someone, train them to
trade it for you – but of course if you’re using our money
management system and our “trading as a business” techniques you’ll
likely not want to stop pulling in over six figs a month, once you
get there 😉

Notes from the day before…

Due to the demand, and success of students with our Pro Systems in
addition with New Options Trading Authority II Pricing – to be released soon (no
you haven’t seen it yet)This is with vanilla options and we’ve released
the ‘good stuff’ alot of the stuff, the systems I use

We are soon going to release our industry “Bunker Buster”  ULTRA
Systems. It’s just going to get ugly out there for the old school binary
brokers (did you  Get our new school broker link yet??).
(Yeah imagine pulling $10k… $20k a DAY in binaries)
But you’ll faint when we show you how much we’re charging for them.

Hey these are real systems.  Trying buying a franchise.
We need to start charging a fair price for the opportunity.
Treat one of these Pro or ULTRA as seriously as you would
have to treat a top bricks and mortar franchise (even a sandwich
shop) and you’ll faint again when you realize the opportunity that you
have in trading a good system and how every other business
model SUCKS in comparison to trading – when you treat trading as a

We just updated the STRIKER9 Pro results.  The system continuities
To Pummell away mercilessly on the binary markets with stifling
consistency – (how can it be so consistent??) – well that’s what
our “Trading for a Good Living Philosophy” systems do!

STRIKER9, OMNI11 and Banker11 Pro continue to PRODUCE
and Prove solid (not that they wouldn’t although I knew
that since i made the core of these systems a long time ago
and you haven’t even seen them yet. Ok.  But you’re just
going to have to believe me – fortunately or unfortunately.

How much are we raising the Pro’s price?  To 2% of the previous
year’s performance 12 months. ~ $6k to $8k.  When?
Probably when we launch the ULTRAS next month sometime.
If you want it at the current price plan to do so soon.

Thanks!  for the rest of the systems.

Chris K and crew

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