OMNI20 - A Trading For A Good Living Type Of System »

OMNI20 – A Trading For A Good Living Type Of System

OMNI20 – A Trading For A Good Living Type Of System

What does trading for a good living mean? Well the phrase is what we use to develop systems in a certain style by using certain principles of entry and exit that have stood the test of time over a hundred plus years of price data and from our over  30 years experience in the marketplace in addition to studying charts developing systems and trading.
And then on the other hand trading for a good living means that an individual can learn how to trade well in a consistent manner that can give them stable income and ever-growing net worth by becoming  systemic in coordination with approaching the markets with a mathematical business type of approach where they repetitiously play certain patterns in a certain way over and over and over generating revenue while keeping their cost lower than their revenue in order to generate a profit. They turn trading into a genuine business.
And with Trading you have the ability to grow and compound faster than any other business with out much any additional effort.
This is not some far-fetched dreamy concept,  there are countless success stories across the planet (including success stories from our own students), success stories in various trading books, magazines and online of successful traders and their amazing stories.
These are people who trade individually for themselves or they trade for a company. These are people who don’t look to to ride some gimmick or some loophole but to trade the markets in a methodical, some would call more boring way.
So instead of choosing to get their thrills from the activity of trading they get their thrills from watching their trading account grow to very large levels. Maybe you could appreciate this.
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