Did you Know that STRIKER9 PRO was the First Binary Options System Ever Released?

 Did you Know that STRIKER9 PRO was the First Binary Options System Ever Released?  !


All thanks to a binary broker who challenged me to make systems through one of my vanilla binary options sites.

Now maybe there was a binary system out there hidden somewhere prior but we couldn’t find it.  STRIKER9 pro and light or “Striker9 Light 1a” and “Striker9 Full” as it was known initially was the first visible binary option system for sure.  It was an industry changer and industry launcher lending a professional trading approach with a solid system to an industry that was going the wrong way!

(That wrong way was brokers that were trying to seem like a casino rather than a trading platform.  Those brokers were short sighted. And I pushed against them and actually lectured several brokers telling them what to do to improve.  Now here we are today with an explosion of brokers realizing the opportunity of trying to make stable professional markets (like we have in the USA)).

Back to STRIKER9 – Not only was it the first it was one the best and still is!  Why? Because I reached into the vault, my treasure chest of systems and coughed up a system that is very very good.

And to this day the STRIKER9 PRO system keeps doing its thing over and over and over and over…

So why aren’t you trading this system yet ??  You know stocks at binary options brokers are making a come back.  (brokers went mostly FX for a while but now stocks are having great payout offerings at many major brokers.)  I would also venture to say, as we had feedback from one binary broker at the time that, the reason why stock binary options were being hidden or given limited offerings was BECAUSE so many students were CRUSHING IT with STRIKER9 Pro.  And if your broker only gives limited payouts and limited offerings on stock – dump them – there are plenty of brokers out there that do.

And did you know that in many ways trading binary options on stocks are easier?   Oh yes they can be  – stocks can have a serious edge if you didn’t know by now.  But now you do.

One more thing,  as systems have become faster and faster with shorter and shorter expiration times many have discovered they can trade a system much better that’s a little more spread out.  STRIKER9 hits that perfectly trading hour binaries.   Of course you can trade any expiration that suits you but… maybe a pace that STRIKER9 delivers is good for you.

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