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Could I Make Over a Million Dollars with HERKULON6 Trading System?

Could I Make Over a Million Dollars with HERKULON6 Trading System? Sure it’s Possible – but How Many Have the Focus and Long Term Goal Setting to Make it Happen These Days?

One Can Argue that Humanity Has Devolved Over the Decades Becoming Dumber and Dumber Due to Tech, Toxins, Fluoride, Bad Education, Bad TV and Movies all Compounded Over, Bad Diets too, Cellphones are a Disaster, Social Media is another Vortex Black Hole Time Wasting Brain Draining Trap and So On… 

But for the few that broke out of “the Matrix” and got their brains back: they remove the noise, they step away from the bad frequencies, the go out in nature more, they calm down and they focus, make a plan to succeed, accept that plan and move forward, improving at accomplishing their plan every day..

HERCULON6 is an options system you can use it on stocks and you can use it on NADEX knockouts.

Making a million dollars is relative to where you’re starting now. So when people ask this type of question they are usually starting from a small amount of money. So if you’re starting with a small amount of money you still need enough in order to break up your position sizes to have good money management and look and study historically not only from the track we have here but learn the system and get your own tracks !

But… wonders have been done from super tiny accounts.  It will just take a lot of dead serious, big cat like focus in order to build a big account from a tiny amount. 

You have to build confidence in the system Yourself by studying it historically. Then you can develop your plan for how much money you can allocate  for each trade.

And then from there just trade the system and don’t screw up all the time and so you can put yourself in a position to compound over time to a million bucks.

So what you want to do is make a time chart and get a spreadsheet out maybe and tabulate what you can make after year one if you just traded One stock with the performance that you found in your own historical study with the system’s rules.

You can take the number of trades per year and develop an average by dividing the total profit by the number of trades.  This will give you a good picture of your average profitability per trade.   No that doesn’t mean you win every trade but it’s an average of your wins versus losses. 

From there you can take that figure and start to add your wins back into the trade and see how quickly your account growth will go with consistent performance as you put your money back into your trading account of your profits.  Well you’re not taking it out and putting it back in you’re just reevaluating your position size based on a fixed percent that you figured out that you would allocate for trade.

It’s fairly simple and you really figure out the nitty gritty over time. You’re not going to have the perfect numbers at the start until you gain more experienced trading the system yourself and see how you are doing personally.

Just understand you’re going to have to deal with emotions in real time and just  error due to lack of diligence and lack of experience and trading the system. But eventually you’ll figure it out and you’ll get good at trading the system. 

And if you’re willing to put the diligence in over time and not be in such a panic haste to make money now then you can put yourself in a position to make ridiculous amounts of money with a good trading system year after year into the future.

The question is do you have the grit and the perspectives to get it done? Or are you more of the emotional roller coaster nincompoop type,  overly estrogenic who swoons at every passing emotion, who invents new expectations all the time,  who likes chasing excitement,  sugar highs and the rest?  

In modern times people are going to have to learn how to calm down and slow down they want to make fortunes and trading over time.

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