NPSYCHE60 NADEX 2 Hour Exp Strategy 1

Why Trade the NPSYCHE60 NADEX 2 Hour Exp Strategy & System?

It’s a Stable, Solid, Easy to Trade Approach for the NADEX 1 Hour till Expiration Binary Options that Could Quite Possibly be that Way that Clicks for You if Your Looking for a Way to Make a Living from the Markets.

Yes You Could Even Use for Spreads.  The Strategy Makes a Lot of Market Place Sense Too.  And Maybe You Could Work Your Way up to $20,000 a Week Weekly Paychecks – See System Performance Sample Below…

Look Ma! No Hands!  Learn to Trade PURE Price Action – Impress All Your Friends Including Your Ma’!

All you need to do is look at a price chart and you’ll now know what to do.


YM 3 MIN BARS NPSYCHE60 Performance Sample:

  • Easy to trade
  • Trade on the fly
  • Trade as a system
  • or Trade as a Strategy whenever you want
  • 1 Hour / 2 Hour NADEX binaries although we target the 1 hour left to expiration
  • Potential to trade for a robust living.
  • Nice easy pace trading these 3 min bars
  • Opportunities are easy to spot.
  • Performance sample is taken when NPSYCHE60 is run as a system meaning taking every set up in a row without optimization. 

3 L 11 W
FEB 19

4 L 13 W
FEB 18

4 L 11 W
FEB 14

3 L 14 W
NET 10
FEB 13

8 L 10 W
FEB 12

5 L 13 W

NET ON ALL DAYS: 72 WINS 27 L = NET 35 IN 6 DAYS – 10 CONTRACTS = $22,500 NET Profit 1 Week 1 Day Paycheck

The NPSYCHE60 NADEX 2-Hour Expiration Strategy is a trading system designed for trading binary options on the NADEX platform. This strategy is tailored for traders who prefer a 2-hour expiration time frame for their binary options trades on NADEX. The system aims to provide a strategic approach to trading within this specific time frame, offering a method for identifying high-probability trade entries and managing positions effectively.

  • The strategy is designed for trading binary options on the NADEX platform with a focus on the 2-hour expiration time frame.
  • It provides a specific method for identifying high-probability trade entries and managing positions effectively within this time frame.

The course emphasizes the importance of mastering the 2-hour expiration strategy and highlights the potential for pinpointing high-probability trades within this time frame. It aims to provide traders with a structured approach to trading binary options on NADEX, particularly within the 2-hour expiration window.

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