NADEX NINJA 2 Hour Binary Options System

$2,132.50 a day average on 10 contracts per 3 hour day


Here is a performance sample of NADEX NINJA 2 Hour Binary Options System.  It’s a little complex explaining NADEX since NADEX is more complex than your traditional binary options broker.  But below represents entries and profit taking.   With some trades, they don’t trail stop out so they just expire ITM or not.   Some trades run 20+ pips and we ride our position then get out near 90.  Other trades we trail stop when we have profit.

We trade 2 strikes out of the money which is usually at 22 to 26 on the by side or 78 to 74 on the sell side.  There is premium decay when you are OTM but these are 2 hour binaries so the decay rate is relatively slow.  You can just divide the value by minutes left to get decay per minute although it’s a decay curve so decay is slower at the start and speeds up unto expiration like a vanilla option.

  • Trades OTM out of the money NADEX binaries roughly on average at the price of 25 on the buy and 75 on the sell
  • This is a home study course that provides you access online that teaches you a skill for life
  • Another powerful price action system you can add to your arsenal and even stack, trade at the same time as other systems.
  • Trades for 3 hours a day according to results below between 8 am and 11 although you can trade at any time you want, preferred though are higher momentum times.
  • $2,132.50 a day average on 10 contracts per 3 hour day

Systems Performance Results

A. Forex Points or ITM if Close to expiration and no use trail stopping: 13-Feb 22 10 9 ITM 8 0 ITM  P/L on 1 contract  P/L on 10 contracts
B. NADEX Profit Points Approx.: 65 24 20 75 20 -25 75 $254.00 $2,540.00
16-Feb 8 ITM 30 0 30 ITM
20 75 65 -25 65 75 $275.00 $2,750.00
17-Feb 0 0 10 0
-25 -25 24 -25 75 ITM $24.00 $240.00
18-Feb ITM 0 0 5 ITM ITM 0 ITM ITM
75 -25 -25 0 75 75 -25 75 75 $300.00 $3,000.00

So here is the summary of this trading sample which represents real time variables, factors as well.
The performance sample is over a trading period of 8 am to 11 pm on EURUSD trading 2 hour binary options that overlap giving us 1 hour binary options.   Here are the averages.

$213.25 a day average on 1 contract. $2,132.50 a day average on 10 contracts.

NADEX NINJA 2 Hour NADEX System P more info loi 3



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