K-3 NADEX Home Run Trader System for Trading the Most Excellent 2 Hour NADEX Binary Option

Where We Unashamedly, Systematically Aim for a Very Large Cash Chunk Return Turning a Little into a Lot by Riding a Simple 20 to 24 pip Move

Did You Know that the NADEX 2 Hour Binary Option is Really a 1 Hour Binary Option?

Yes it’s true. Text to our binary options cycle and overlap. So there is a one-hour binary options the time! So those of you who think two hours is really long don’t worry about it because you’ll have a one-hour binary!

This binary options trading system is specifically designed to trade NADEX for the intent and purpose of hitting a homerun.

How do you hit run with NADEX? For example: you buy a NADEX binary option at 15 and you sell it at 90 giving you, for this example a return of 600%.

What’s the point and purpose of doing such a thing? Well besides having to ask ‘do we really have to answer’? The plan and purpose is to have a precision based method of attacking price action in Forex to ride a relatively small amount of pips in order to achieve this type of potential return on a repeated basis.

Our intent with this NADEX binary options trading system which you can also use as a strategy is to have the ability to go in and observe the Forex price charts while having a clear-cut answer for a high probability trade that can move the distance to make us a big wad of cash as a return.

Yes we are looking to get a little more aggressive with this method. I did say a little more let’s not get carried away either. But we can turn small amounts of money into very large chunks of chains on even one trade here at night.

Use K-3 NADEX Home Run Trader System as a Strategy Too!

You can also use this NADEX binary options method strategically whereas you can combine this with other factors you know to optimize a homerun type of event. This means you don’t have to take every trade that comes up you can just wait for what you think is the best return. This method of trading will give you a clear-cut entry point thereby giving you a lot more confidence.

Your Risk is Limited to What You Put in with Great Potential Reward to Risk Ratios

Please do understand that when you put up money to risk in into a trade at NADEX it is your max risk, NADEX will tell you so right at the point of entry. So if you are putting up $150 to turn it into $900 riding a 20 to 24 pip move then $150 is your max risk!

The goal with K-3 NADEX Home Run Trader System is for you to be able to NET out a home run per day  – yes that is a very powerful goal. What do I mean by net out a home run trade for day? Well in trading you can’t win all the time so what counts at the end of the day is having a net profit. So if you could net out at least one trade, after all trades, wins, losses come together and net out a trade of profit such as 15 to 90 as previously mentioned for example, that would be pretty awesome! That is certainly the goal although we look to do better than that as well.




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