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ANNOUNCING : BLUR11 ULTRA Binary Options System Insane $6,691 A DAY Systems Results Average in Only 3.5 Hours Of Trading Per Day or $9,233.58 Per Full 6.5 Hour Day!

Indexes are overlooked in binary options trading yet they offer unique advantages for really great price trading action.

This is a MUST Have binary options system.  It’s INTENSE!!

Crank it up for just 3 hours a day.  Get in the flow. BE trading.  Feel the POWER of potential thousands of dollar per hour pouring into your trading account….

Check out the sample system results track record below.  Yes it’s real, very real.  You’ll see once you have this system.

On top of that, the only way you’re going to get this system is – FREE!  Sounds crazy doesn’t it!  Well technically the broker will be buying the system for you after opening an account through our magic link below, technically speaking.  But it’s no out of pocket cost to you since funding your own broker account is not spending money!

You MUST get this system!

Imagine adding the ability to trade indices to your arsenal in binary options.  Then imagine having a system with the power you see below.


  • Have a index binary options system that is able to take advantage of index trading
  • Can trade it in under three and half hours or less


  • Potential dramatic profits
  • Potential considerable cash flow for the amount of time invested
  • Have another amazing system in your arsenal


1. Can I trade this system  all day long? Yes this system will allow that possibility

2. Can I trade this on other indexes?  The system was developed to take advantage of a certain type of price action that a index usually has. You should tested on other indices first before trading though, although the system should be able to do similarly on other similarly priced flowing indices.

3. Am I guaranteed to make money with this binary system?  You’re not supposed to ask that in trading.  I hate to say it but if you have to ask that  you will probably find some way to mess this system up as well.  I say that because trading doesn’t work like that. If you’re looking for the sure thing in trading you’re not the proper mindset and you will likely fall prey to the marketplace.  All I can tell you that this binary options system is a very, very good system. And it gives you a great chance for success. The question is will you learn the system? Will you practice trading the system so you can trade the system well? And will you show up!

Systems Performance: BLUR11 ULTRA Binary Options System System results: the system results below represent the entry mechanism as triggered on the given date below. We have a system performance sample below to give you a picture of the system. The result below is based on the exact system rules so what you see is what you’ll be getting in terms of the entry strategy.

INDU  3 1/2 Hours.  Again we like to focus on tradability in terms of time sitting in front of a computer and lifestyle so we condensed our training sessions with an appropriate strategy to three and half hours or less.   You can trade less or more it’s up to you.

WL@ $500.00 @ 75% Payout$1,000$2,500


Systems results as represented with $500 a trade:  $40,150.00  SUM Total for 8 Days

  • $6,691 A DAY AT $500/TRADE Per 3.5 Hour Day or $9,233.58 Per Full 6.5 Hour Day
  • $669 A DAY AT $50/TRADE Per 3.5 Hour Day or $923 Per Full 6.5 Hour Day
  • $13,382.00  A DAY AT $1000 A TRADE  Per  4 Hour Day 18467.16 Per Full 6.5 Hour Day
  • $33,455 A DAY AT $2500 A TRADE  Per 4 Hour Day $46167.9 Per Full 6.5 Hour Day




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