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What is a Binary Options Strategy?

What is a strategy in trading exactly?

We define a strategy as a trading setup via price chart that looks to target price events.   It’s a method used when looking for an optimal setup across a variety of price instruments.  It’s a setup one looks to use to time optimal trade entries.

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Binary Options Strategies

Note:  A strategy is an optimize set up you can use whenever you feel it is best. So a strategy involves you engaging with the markets anticipating, stalking a great potential opportunity for you to pounce upon and strike.   A system takes a certain type of strategy and trades that strategy every single time there is a set up without guessing, picking or choosing or extra thinking.  That is the difference.

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You Can Use Our Binary Options Systems as Strategies to Hone into What You Think Are the Best Trades Only

At the moment our binary option strategies are combined into systems.   A binary system uses a binary strategy over and over without any extra optimization in the attempt to net out potential consistent profits.

Each system is based off of a trading strategy or grouping of strategies. You can extract the strategy and time with other factors to take what you feel are the most optimum trades in real time.  On the other hand, systems trading is designed so you don’t have to do all of that work trying to figure out the best trades. You just take ALL OF THEM and let the average net out a profit.

We have begun testing of a few binary systems and will look to post these here for your purchase once the strategy passes our standards.  Join our newsletter on this page to find out more and to hear about the product’s release.

Use a Binary Options System which is an organization of binary options strategies into an exact trading plan.

There is too much leeway to potentially wing it with a binary options strategy.  Going for a ‘home run’ is a bad idea, a bad way of thinking in trading indeed.  Listen to what I’m saying because by getting away from the home run mentality where you try to trade the most ‘perfect trades’ with maximum position sizes could cost you millions or more over your life time.  It’s bad policy and you won’t get away with it.  Instead ‘the turtle wins the race’ – go slow and steady, systematically keep netting out a steady profit.  Then one day with proper position sizing and proper compounding you’ll hit that ‘home run’ but this time you’ll be able to keep it and make it grow.

NEW NADEX Strategies!

The following systems can be traded well as a strategy meaning you use the strategy of the system to hone in to optimized entry events.

You can use these binary options systems as a strategy as well:


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Using a Binary Options Trading Strategy for Home Run Trading

In binary options it’s best to be systematic in general. But there is a different type of binary option out there called a NADEX binary option.

What’s the best way to line up for a homerun binary options trade with traditional binary brokers?

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