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So that’s right – only 1 hour max total trade time broken into two 1/2 hour periods.

One Month Systems Results – based on the exact entry rules you get with this course.

What is this?

  • Ingot is a starter level system designed to give you a way for potentially making money monthly
  • $12,200 a month systems results based off $500 per trade based on traditional binaries with a 70% payout.
  • Trade Forex binary options.
  • Adaptable to work with NADEX
  • Originally designed for 30 minute traditional binaries.   You can use on NADEX 20’s or 2 hour/1 Hour binaries
  • This is a home study course in video.  Not an ‘indicator’ or ‘software’.  Learn the system, learn a skill for life.


Details for Binary Options System Ingot Performance:




$297 – starter system entry price. For perspective:  So if you were trading $100 a trade the systems results average for the month would be $2,400.  If you were trading $1000 positions the systems results would have netted $24,400.

This is a solid trade mechanism set up used here on Ingot.  So if you were able to duplicate these systems results month after month $24,400 income is pretty dang sweet.

You can have this for $297 right now.  Click the Add to Cart:


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