NADEX KNIGHT 2 Hour Binary Options System to Expiration

We Bring the Fun Back into Binary Options Trading Along with Great Risk to Reward Ratios Returning to the Set and Forget Style




We all appreciate the set and forget style of binary options starting back from 2009 ish  whereas we simply put on our trades and forget about it. We know the hardest part about day trading is minding the trade after you enter.  So we cut that out. This is what was appealing to us in day trading binary options and this is what the system is all about yet with much better reward to risk ratios !

This is a system that looks to take advantage of the overlapping 1 hour binary which are 2 hour binaries that are overlapping at nadex. We are entering for targeting the expiration as we would a traditional binary option.

As you can see from the results below the system has done pretty well. We are trading price action and we simply wait for our signal and when we get it we enter and that’s it! We are letting the trade do its thing towards expiration.

We are also taking the next right out of the money what usually has an average risk of $350 for trade on 10 contract. so they or we are looking at cashing out for $650 upon expiration. As you can nice approximate 2 to 1 reward to risk ratio which helps put the money math on our side for our positions.

Systems Results Performance

  • We are aiming for expiration from the point of entry.
  • We trade the 2-hour binaries at as if they were one hour binaries.
  • We take a roughly 1 risk-to-reward ratio for our trades. Trade price action only.
  • We usually look to trade the Forex 2-hour binaries

This is based on trading 10 Contracts.  Roughly $350 risk per trade.  Roughly $650 profit per trade.   So you see because of the risk to Reward ratio that we can have a lesser winning percentage and still be very profitable. We are not trying to have a lesser 20% as we are trying to have nice set and forget Style that makes it enjoyable to trade. We put set preference over winning percentage on this system. So therefore we take the types of Trades that could make that happen.

8-Jul  W  L  Net Profit
LWW 2 1
W 1 0
L 0 1
W 1 0
LLL 0 3
LWWW 3 1
LLWL 1 3
W 1 0
 Net 16 10
 Per 10 Contracts $10,400.00 $3,500.00 $6,900.00
LW 1 1
WLWL 2 2
WW 2 0
WLLL 1 3
WW 2 0
LLWW 2 2
Net 15 13
 Per 10 Contracts $9,750.00 $4,550.00 $5,200.00





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