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A NADEX Binary Options Strangle a Day Could Keep that Traders Frownie Face Away...

ANNOUNCING RAIDER12 NADEX Daily Binary Options Strangle System

Strangle? That sounds scary! Yes but if you come from the vanilla options world you know what we are talking about. A strangle is simply an options combination position that you can do at NADEX too where you play both sides of the market at once. Will teach you all about it.
But the bottom line is that you can just put on one position and that's it. You don't have to pick which way the markets going to go because you're playing both sides in a smart way.  We are going for a 9 to 1 or 8 to 2 REWARD to risk ratio roughly.  Now that's sweet.
And we found a loophole of sorts where you just put on this position once a day, trading for a few minutes.   And we look to hit the homerun on one side while the other one goes away. This allows for us to make a very large profit when we win. And the good news is that we only need to go in the money we don't need to travel the distance on the binary.

RAIDER12 NADEX STRANGLE Trading System for Daily Binary Options Once a Day


So we've cracked the new code with the strangle concert binary options. Strangle? More people seem to know when a straddle is and the concept of a straddle but we're using to strangle because we're using different strikes.

So how does this work? Well we enter once a day at a certain time and trigger and that's it! That's it! That's all we do!

We let the trading math take care of the rest.

And our goal is to expire one side in the money. So we focus on a particular instrument and then we lineup the average move in common strangle position. And the great news is that so far what we seen is that we actually have a decent winning percentage.

On a system like this you usually don't concern yourself too much with winning percentage because the trading math in terms of the reward to risks workout so well thanks to NADEX binary options strikes on The Daily binary option. So we place our trade and essentially let the market do its thing and we don't even have to look at the markets all day.

Overtime as you gain more confidence in the method you can start to grow a position very nicely and let the system grow itself. With the strangle we're going to play both sides of the trade which means we're going to sell and buy at the same time. Goal is to cross over into the money buy expiration on The Daily binary option.

Additionally we wanted to keep this system super simple. Could you call it a loophole? It's pretty close. You're still going to have only so many winning trades and only so many losing trades. But our winning return is around 8 and our cost when we lose is 2 proportionally speaking.

As you can see from the assistant performance results below here's how the system works out:

So we use a 100 contracts as example where we are buying and selling roughly around turn on the bus by and 90 on the sell give or take a few points from day today depending on what available at the time.

And you see essentially 1 month of performance from August 1st to August 29th.

It's quite a simple system which can be very powerful and also fun to trade which is important for many people.

System Performance Results Sample

  • Remember that we have good reward to risk ratios. 
  • Also understand that we don't have to pick a direction on the trade; we play both sides of the market. 
  • We set it and forget it to expiration. 
  • It only takes a few minutes daily to trade. 
  • It's super fun. 
  • We let the trading business math work itself out.

AUG 1 START 18 Days of Trading US Small Cap 2000
4 L X $1000x2 (if lost both sides of strangle assuming a buy side at 10 and a sell side at 90) = -$8000
14 W X $9000 = $126,000 (expiring 1 side ITM)
NET $118,000 on 100 Contracts.

Here are systems results from the next month.   And regards to any performance NADEX may change how it spreads out pricing on the Day binaries whenever they want:  they may make easier or harder or they may just keep it the same.   Also keep in mind there maybe even better sweet spot opportunities on different underlying assets vs US Small Cap 2000 and US Tech 100. 

US Small Cap 2000 OCT 1 - NOV 1 2019
 10 W6 LNet
  $90,000.00  $12,000.00  $78,000.00 


US TECH 100 2 Months
LOSE = - $1200X2 100 Contracts So -$2400 if lost on both sides assuming a buy at 12 and a sell at 88 in this example)
WIN = $8800 100 CTS (expiring 1 side ITM)
15W = $132,000
23 L = $55,200
Net profit is $76,800 in 2 months



Trading Once A Day For A Living?

Yes indeed. Trading once a day - That's what this system is all about. Can you do it for a living? Well you can see the system performance results. Expiration in the money is simply measured up the chain. You can see the NADEX chains for yourself just log into your account or your demo account. You just need to learn the system and start trying it out and see for yourself. Once you see you'll start believing in it and once you start believing in it you'll start doing it.

Surprising Profitability In Trading When You Get Good Trading Math

The trading math... The trading business math, that is the secret for long terms success. Amateurs look for winning percentage but professionals look for net profits. Those who are successful in business understand that making a money and a lot of it is about staple averages you can settle into while having the ability to increase the volume of your transactions. And in trading it's super easy to increase the volume of your transactions, just get a bigger position size. So therefore once you find a solid dependable method that you can repeat over and over - you're done! You've won.

How To Win Less Than 50% Of The Time And Still Make A Fortune

How to win less than 50% of the time and still make a fortune? The Turtle Traders figured this one out and they made Millions upon millions of dollars even billions by winning only 40% of the time according to Russell Sands one of the Turtle Traders. One secret is about risk-to-reward: what do you win when you win? When you lose how much are you losing?

A lot of Traders go for some sort of fake high probability Concepts take out positions with small reward to large risk thinking that they'll win more often. But when they lose they need to win many times over in order to just break even. That's no fun.

Now when you have great reward to risk ratios, you can lose several times and when once to break even. So if your reward is 5 in your risk is 1 think of it this way: If you make $500 every time you win and you lose $100 every time you lose. What happens if you win only half your trades? Let's look at 10 trades. When you lose 5 you lose $500. When you win five you win $2,500. Your net profit is $2,000 only 50% of the time. Now those are good numbers!

Zero Responsibility Trades That Can Make A Lot Of Money - That's Right Put It On Once, Don't Even Have To Pick The Direction, Let It Ride

Zero responsibility Trading? That sounds kind of odd. But 0 responsibility is a concept where a lot of people don't want to have to deal with picking and choosing the right direction because they never want to be told that they are wrong by the marketplace or by anyone for that matter. So your solution would be to play the strangle NADEX binary options and we have this system called RAIDER12 that plays the NADEX daily binary option in a most simple way. Consider learning the system because not only can you use RAIDER 12 strangle system right now but the system unlock keys and codes for you too use it in other ways as well.

And on top of that check out the performance record - what if RAIDER12 this actually works for you?! Could you be our next Hall of Fame student?

Like Out Of The Money Home Run Binary Options Trading? You're Going To Like This System!

NADEX out of the money home run binary options trading is a tremendous opportunity. You'd be hard-pressed type of Leverage with the possibility and probability of taking a small position and turning it into a very large one multiple times per day even in other forms of trading.

To be tremendously successful what you need to know is how to specifically time your entries and the best strikes to buy or sell for the greatest probability of winning. Then you need to put it altogether in a repeatable way so you can do it over and over. One hit wonders with home run Trading is not the best thing. You absolutely need a repeatable method where the math works out and you can make fortunes overtime trading home runs as a business. If you want to learn more about awesome home run trading you may want to study up on the Turtle Traders of the past .

One Of The Best New Ways To Trade NADEX Daily Binary Options!

Trading the NADEX daily binary option can be tricky. If you're going for the homerun trade on the you need to find your PIN point entry. And as the day opens the pinpoints are difficult to determine for many. Well not for us. We have discovered many awesome pinpoints off of which you can potentially make home runs many times over, several times during the day.

One of the easiest ways to trade NADEX now is to use an options strangle. We use the option strangle from the vanilla options world. We buy and sell a binary option at the same time but we're going to use different strikes so the math can work out so we can make a lot of money when we win and the math can work out in line with the probability of the price actually achieving our goal. You only need to get in the money to make a full profit and often times your position will still be fishing all the way up the chain and so you can simply take the money early. And we can even get doubles where we can take the money at 80 or 90 one way and then have the markets go back the other way and we can take another 80 or 90 or we can take a 50 or we can simply have it expire in the money for the full profit. Sweet! These are home run returns far out of the money looking to turn 10 or 15 into 100.

Strike It Rich Trading Like A Caveman!?

A caveman? Well the concert popularized whereas you have someone who is very simple and direct and doesn't know a lot of details about things nor cares necessarily unless caveman can see some new benefit that looks interesting. But we talked about this caveman simplistic mindset concert highly beneficial in trading. Are so many things going on in the markets particularly if your day trading. Involved with media message boards things can get even worse. You don't need to be processing all of that data. If you go read Nicolas Darvas book you'll get insights into how that works. I'll let you look up the book and find what I'm talking about. I bet you'll Spot It. Yes Amazon is fine.

But what we have done is we've installed a caveman approach into this RAIDER12 NADEX strangle daily binary option system. It's super simple just the way it is. I mean you can do a couple tweaks for profit-taking for example if one side of your strangle ran it up the chain and got all the way up to 80s or 90s hey why not just take the money and run. The market can go back the other way sometimes and give you a double score which is pretty sweet. But all in all it's just part of the business math and as you repeat the deals over these things can happen. Otherwise you don't need to even bother with taking profits you could just put the trade on once a day and be done. This system requires very little time and it is quite fun to trade! And if any of you guys like the jackpot contest you're really going to like this system.

This NADEX Daily Binary Options Strangle System Is So Easy Your Pet Chihuahua May Even Be Able To Do Trade It!

Your pet Chihuahua? Well your pet Chihuahua if you have a pet Chihuahua can learn tricks. You were able to reduce replacing and choosing of the right strangle positions one button then it's arguable that you can arrange a timing and a button to push for the Chihuahua which then opens up a trapdoor the rollout but only at a certain time - then it may be possible do you higher your pet Chihuahua to trade for you at a very low cost lol.

Well the point is that this system has a very simple approach and simple is fun and trading! And that said it takes a lot of figuring out in order to distill a certain Simplicity that can work over and over in trading the markets. Yet these opportunities are available and we have discovered many of them and we intend to discover many more into the future. Take advantage of this RAIDER12 NADEX STRANGLE Trading System for Daily Binary Options Once a Day. Hey what if it works! Did you look at the performance record? Is pretty wild! Shoot, start with one contract how to build that up until 100 contracts and then 1000 contracts and so on. NADEX can handle it especially on the daily binary option. For systems results we have han the US small cap $98,000 a month average so far on 100 contracts. Other underlying assets may do even better!

How Fortunes Are Made In Binary Options Even Starting With Very Little Money.

Fortunes are made starting with very little money in a couple different ways. You can be highly strategic while using your intuition, with a very good price action strategy in order to time the best trading scenarios with a lot of focus and concentration. Secondly you can be systematic where you take a certain amount of money and you divvy it up into even position sizes. We usually use a percent of the trading account size. Then you verify a system's performance in the past - that it is solid and doable - and then just get started.
Performance isn't necessarily indicative of future results as the disclaimer says. In a way that's true and there's nothing guaranteed into the future in life (or maybe "the future is what you make it" - Terminator movie and various other quotes.) And we have to use trust and faith in order to at least try to put ourselves in a great probability position for future success.

We look to trade off of the profitability of the past to put ourselves in a better probability position for winning into the future on average. That's really the mindset that works the best. Those who look for guaranteed future success are always chumped by the markets.

That word on average is important because some novice Traders get emotional if their first trade does not work out. They threw a tantrum and say " it doesn't work whaaaa!" That's pretty childish but we all have that tendency to do that. So I guess we are all big babies that need to grow up in the trading world at one point in time lol. It's just the process of becoming a great trader and everyone seems to have to go through it. If you read the various trading success stories every single one of them that I can remember has that successful Trader going through a childlike development and after having gone through many spankings develops into a trader that just accepts the right way to trade and then they go on too much success. Now that's interesting isn't it!

But back to topic you can check out the performance results of RAIDER12 NADEX STRANGLE Trading System for Daily Binary Options Once a Day and you can see what it'll take for you if you are able to achieve a similar performance result, See what it would take for you for a initial trading account investment and money management position size that would give you a great chance for potentially making the system work for you. But if it does work for you, lookout! It's party time!

Would You Trade A 39% Winning Trading System? Hmm...  But What If It Could Make You $38,400 Dollars A Month?

Yes indeed! Look at the "US Tech 100" results below. At first glance it seems hideous right? The the wins versus loss ratio looks terrible - hideous in fact! But wait there's more! When you start to look at the trading math involved, when you start to look at the trading math you'll realize something astounding! The system actually made money and a lot of it!

You see these are the types of systems that professional traders love! A system that doesn't necessarily need a high winning percentage but can pump out consistent profits on average is an exciting one. That means to them that they have a system that they can use potentially in a very stable way and put a lot of money into due to its stability. Of course if you look at the US small cap results the winning percentage is much higher. You can also look at other instruments with daily binary options and you may even get a higher winning percentage. But these two instruments are the ones we have been looking at because we like them. You can do further exploration yourself after you get the system or maybe we'll put some more up there or not.

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