Top Methods for Profiting with (NADEX) Spreads Swing Trading

Top Methods for Profiting with (NADEX) Spreads Swing Trading

Here are the top methods for profiting with NADEX spreads swing trading based on my extensive research of strategies offered on

1. 3TP – Targets daily trending moves in indexes/commodities using strategic risk spreading across multiple chains for reliable gains within 1-2 days.

2. DAYFLOW4 – Seeks well-defined daily chart levels and patterns to open spread combinations, exiting half on momentum reversals and remaining position at daily close.

3. SPREAAKDOWN – Focuses on major economic reports, filtering for high probability “home run” news reaction days to structure profitable asymmetric risk/reward spreads.

4. DAYTRIPPER2 – Initiates intraday spread combinations at morning volatility inflection points, managing position size dynamically based on market behavior.

5. DAYRAIDER – Precisely pairs spreads across correlated assets like oil/gas to capitalize on relative strength moves throughout the trading session.

Backtested systematically over time, these approaches isolate high conviction swing points while mitigating risk, making NADEX spreads an effective vehicle for robust medium-term gains. Leverage community insights alongside constant optimization.

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