STRIKER9 Pro – Last Copies. New Binary Systems On the Way

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STRIKER9 Pro – Last Copies.   New Binary Systems On the Way

Hello Bianry Options Afficianados

We’re wrapping up the month here
and were about to launch many new
binary options systems.

We’ve also have several programmers
trying to convert out bianary
strategies into working signals.
We would like to get our light versions
of signals before we launch our Pro
versions because it’s going to be full
time and expensive – the pro versions.
Hopefully you’ll hear something soon.

We have a couple slots left for
STRIKER9 Pro before we need to
bring the price up to match the
rest of the systems.   So if you
want to save $1,000 then grab your
copy now.

We’ve refined and tweaked STRIKER9 Pro where average system profits
have increased another crazy 54%.  Yes!  The net results over the
past two months are now at $37,850 per month for just one stock
AAPL! Vs. a $24,975 average on the two months prior.

And we’ve actually made STRIKER9 Pro even easier to trade in the
process.  It’s pretty neat how it all worked out.  Also we’re
including and Opportunity Extender Bonus Module for a limited time
for more potential profit.

Because of the improvements to the system and the limited
quantities left we don’t really have a choice – we have to raise
prices by 50%.

I am going to offer you the original price because you are my
subscriber over the next 2 weeks.  But there are only 8 copies I’m doing left.
I’m not doing more than this because my special offer which requires my
personal involvement with my extremely tight schedule.

Today, for a limited number, I’m offering you the original price.

This system is rock solid and you will able to verify the results.
The information in the system is highly proprietary and has many
other applications.  Therefore, I’m only looking for traders who
are dead serious about trading well.

If you’re in trading for the rush of trading I don’t want you
buying this product, or any of our systems.  But if you are sick
and tired of putzing around with the markets and are willing to do
whatever it takes to do it right so you could actually trade for a
potentially very good living (there’s no better lifestyle folks!)
then I will personally help you over a skype / team viewer session
to MAKE SURE you’ve got this system down and can trade it well.

Customer feedback:  “…But I am even MORE grateful and THANKFUL for the session
yesterday. Chris was really good at showing me exactly how to work
the system. Now I know what I’m doing. ” DP in Cali

August RESULTS STRIKER9 PRO XF Integration with New Extender


$2,095.00 Per Day $500 Per Trade

$419.00Per Day $100 Per Trade

$4,190.00Per Day $1,000 Per Trade

JULY RESULTS STRIKER9 PRO XF Integration with New Extender Module:

SYSTEM NET PROFIT: $33,850.00On $500 Position Sizes Per Month

$67,700.00On $1,000 Position Sizes Per Month

$1,611.90Per Day $500 Per Trade

$322.38Per Day $100 Per Trade

$3,223.81Per Day $1,000 Per Trade

Monthly Average System Results: Was: $24,975 Now: $33,575 !

(new figures reflect new system tweaks)

Historical System Results Over More Instruments and Accounts:
Trade 2 Accounts on Just AAPL = Was: $49,950  ~ Now $67,150
Per month

Trade 3 Accounts on Just AAPL = Was:  ~$74,925  ~ Now $100,725
Per month

Trading 2 Accounts with AAPL and GOOG = ~
Was:  $99,900/mo  ~ Now  $134,300

Trade 3 Accounts with AAPL and GOOG = ~
Was: $149,850/mo  ~ Now  $201,450

Hurry to get your copy:


Chris Kunnundro

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