slugger nadex home run strategy


So you’re looking for a way to grab those fantastical 400% to 1000 percent returns on NADEX – is that right?

You’re looking for those big huge trading opportunities that you can anticipate, stalk and strike with position sizes that are a wee bit naughty wouldn’t you say?

You know the opportunity is out there on NADEX to line up the bigger moves and absolutely crush it turning $100 into $1,000.  Turning $1,000 $10,000.  Turning $10,000 $100,000.  Turning 100,000 into $1000000 all-in-one trade! You know you want it.  And so you also know that is probably a good idea to have a very smart approach for targeting such opportunities on NADEX.

So as you should know very well by now listening to me that you absolutely need to define what you want in order to figure out how to get it. So we came up with this concept that is very cool and very fun for targeting very high probability homerun trades with very low risk to high-reward ratio trades.

slugger nadex home run strategy

And so SLUGGER – NADEX Home Run Strategy was born.

SLUGGER – NADEX Home Run Strategy positions you well for the bigger picture drama move that you want on your side for riding an OTM NADEX binary in for a Big Score.

We trade 2 hour NADEX binary options which are really one hour binary options if you consider that they overlap. But at least you have the option of allowing for two hours which is nice.

And we really do target and out of the money position that can give us very large returns.  So the by side we are looking to buy between 10 and 20 usually.  And then we are looking to do one of two things:

1. We often get the momentum to cash out early and sell in the high 80’s or low 90’s

2. Or we can run this and expiration looking to expire position in the money for the full profit.


I would say that ultimately you may want to really consider for one part of your trading taking a certain well-defined risk capital and look to you work that amount of money buy trading homeruns on NADEX.

Why? Well the opportunity is absolutely huge at NADEX.  And if you could have a method that can have a half decent winning percentage while you have absolutely huge reward to risk ratios then your chance of winning and winning a lot is very high.

Ultimately you need to get started with a strategic approach for these home runs. Most home run traders are strategy Traders. They anticipate and stalk an opportunity much like a tiger would for its prey.

So if you’re interested in adding the homerun Trading style to your NADEX binary options trading repertoire then consider getting SLUGGER – NADEX Home Run Strategy.



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