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SLIZZOR3.5 - Day Spreads System and Strategy

SLIZZOR3.5 NADEX Spreads Trading System & Strategy

Why do NADEX Spreads Trading?   Well let me ask you if you've ever done much vanilla options trading? In vanilla options you have a lot of costs and slow delta's. Of course over the years options premium has gotten out of hand expensive. But that's another story. 

NADEX with their spreads,  particularly the Knockouts and the day spreads,  provide near 100% Delta's right away. That is huge leverage while also reducing risk in that you can get paid for your successful movement in the underlying asset right away vs. vanilla options which have heavy premium decay and slow deltas (unless you go deep in the money which gets really expensive).

In addition to that NADEX spreads and Knockouts have limited risk  and that limited risk is preset, so what that means is that you can trade in a much better way versus futures and versus vanilla options.

And as your trading account grows you can grow the size of your position in terms of number of contracts so then therefore you can make more money faster and bigger.

NADEX Spreads hasn't got a lot of attention because binary options were so popular but now NADEX  spreads and Knockouts offer huge opportunities for making a lot of money when you are very strategic or very systematic.

Here is a NADEX  spreads trading system that will give you a very systematic approach. You can just trade it throughout the day and put yourself in a position for making a lot of money  through successful systematic trading as you can see from the system's performance results below.

Systems Performance

Aug 27 25+12+5+11+9=+62
21+20+4+1-5 = +41
5+21-10+3+12-5 =+26
10+19+11+2-5 =37
30+38-8+32+12+18 =+122
52+10+6+6-5 =+69

Systems Performance - TURBO

Aug 27: 3+4+6+6 = +19
32+6 = +38
112-32+8 = +88
82+11+4-5+2+9+8+6 = +117