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NADEX Samuai

NADEX SAMURAI Precision NADEX 2 Hour Binary Options System

$1400 a Day Average with 10 Contracts with Good Accuracy or $7000 a Day Average Systems Results with 50 Contracts As Seen Below

The NADEX SAMURAI Precision NADEX 2 Hour Binary Options System gives you a pinpoint Precision entry that you can use to "slice through" price action and look to capture trend momentum riding up the NADEX chain for potentially great, very great returns.


NADEX Samuai

I can see it already... Binary options Traders are gravitating to the shorter and shorter and shorter binary options NADEX. They just have to master the 5 minute binary option.

Look I'm telling you it's a lot easier to trade the two hour binary option. And no you don't have to wait in the trade for 2 hours! You can trade the two-hour binary in a a few minutes if the momentum give you the profits!

Some of you are on a wild goose chase looking to trade shorter and shorter time frames. You simply don't need to do that whereas the 5 minute binary options at NADEX is more difficult to trade vs. the traditional 5 minute binary. Also you can have as many two-hour NADEX binary options positions as you want. All you need  to do is pair each entry with a momentum trigger and then when you get your profits, cash out!

Another group of folks simply does not understand NADEX . You need to get our NADEX 101 course badly. Some are stuck on the notion and that they have to expire the binary option. It gives them maybe more of a sense of " rolling the dice" maybe. Well most of those traders who Focus only on expiration still watch your computer screen with their eyes glued to see whether they won or not so if you're going to stare at your computer screen you might as well go take your profits when you can and you can do so with the NADEX 2 hour binary option!

Performance Results Sample

Here we play At the Money Binaries which are really more like near the money.   Here are the systems results from the system entry trigger below to expiration.   We trade these 2 hour binaries based on a 1 hour overlapping cycle.

Here the ATM binary is represented as 50 you win 50 to lose in a 1:1 risk reward ratio, which is still much better than the 70/100 or 80/100 risk to reward ratio at traditional binary options brokers.


 GBPUSD      1 Contract10 Contracts50 Contracts
3-Aug50505050   $200.00$2,000.00$10,000.00
 50-5050    $50.00$500.00$2,500.00
 5050505050  $250.00$2,500.00$12,500.00
 505050-5050-50 $100.00$1,000.00$5,000.00
9-Aug505050-50   $100.00$1,000.00$5,000.00
  LWW %   $140.00$1,400.00$7,000.00

NADEX SAMURAI Precision NADEX 2 Hour Binary Options System is more strategic in nature and gives you a super solid entry mechanism for timing expiration with the ATM "100%" binary.

This is a very good system and strategy to add to your arsenal and can be traded in combination with other NADEX systems of ours on the 2 hour and 20 min binary level.