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As an OCTPETUALPOPS  trading signals subscriber if you wish to trade are trading signals than what you would do is wait for our email. The email will have your login. The email will tell you if there’s a new signal. So then you just log in and click the signals page.

From there you just log into your trading platform and place the trade. If it’s a spread or binary you can just do nothing else and let it go to expiration as we do. Or if it’s  a stock, vanilla option, Forex or emini future then you just simply log into your trading account and get out by the close or if you have a time-based exit at the market order you could employ that.

It’s super easy. It takes very little time.  So we are day trading in a couple minutes and night. That’s what it is.   It’s a one-day trade.

And just imagine if you can reduce your training to Just 2 minutes a night on average while generating a significant cash flow. If you’re able to steadily and consistently generate cash flow then you can start using the percent  based position model for compounding your trading account. And with a consistent profitability your account and start growing very quickly and your cash flow can start increasing very quickly. Of course is depends on the consistency of the system, the consistency of the signal-calling and the inconsistency of you treating the system just for  common sense clarity.

Check Out Our New Way of Day Trading in Just ~ 2 Minutes a Night with OCTPETUALPOPS NADEX Binary Options Signals

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OCTPETUALPOPS – Binary Options Signals with ATM Binary Options Performance Sample – Sign Up and Get These Signals: 

70 W 18 L > 70 Wins 18 Losses.  Hey, that’s really good! And for only 4 months!
So for a money picture: if using 10 contracts and while having a 50 point gain on win or 50 point loss on loss (with NADEX): Here is some math for a profitability picture:
$35,000 W – $9000 L = $26,000

$297/mo   $97 for the first 200 members.  Hurry and lock in your spot:

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