2 Power House NADEX 20 Minute Expirations Systems CRANKER vs. VECTORY9.2 Comparison


Compare the “NET” Trades:

CRANKER Summary of System Performance Results

System built for NADEX 20 Min Exp ATM Binaries. Or slightly ITM.

RTY – US SMALL CAP 2000 – for the provided samples – RTY

Net 28 – all day. “Net 28” means wins minus losses. So if at a perfect ATM of $50 profit on a winning trade NET 28 Means $50 x 28= $1,400 for 1 contract or $14,000 for 10 contracts. Or $140,000 for the day on 100 contracts.
Net 28 All day
Net 15 for 3 hours 40 minutes
Net 9 for 3 hours 40 minutes. Plus net 8 for 2 hours later in the day. So net 17 for this day.
Net 29 for day.
Net 16 for 3 hours

DOW 30 Performance – YM

Net 28 + 10 so net 38 all day all day
Net 27 + 6 so net 33 all day
Net 27 for All Day
Net 22 for all day
Net 11 for 2 hours
Net 10 for 2 hours

== VECTORY92.0
US Small Cap 200 System buildt for NADEX 20 Min Exp ATM Binaries. Or slightly ITM

Net 38 – whole day
Net 20 Whole day
Net 31 Whole Day
Net 29 Whole Day

A Sample from May 17 2021 – the day of the email inquiry: 9:40 till 12:00 NADEX 20 EXP

===VECTOR92.0 NON OPTIMIZED  may 17 2021
29 W 14 L NET 15 ~ $750 WITH $50 avg atm / 1ct
10 cts $7500 for 2 hours 2 min



SBOOKED NADEX 5 Min or 20 Min Binary Options Strategy

SBOOKED NADEX 5 Min or 20 Min Binary Options Strategy

Performance Sample of SBOOKED NADEX 5 Min or 20 Min Binary Options Strategy:

SBOOKED is a prolific binary options system designed for larger quantities of cash flow. 

SBOOKED is a strategy that you can use on the fly with the NADEX 5 minute binary  options and or the NADEX 20 minute binary options.    You an also use it systematically taking all the trades in the row as you can see the system’s performance results below.


NET 29 Wins = $1,450 Per Contract.  $14,500 per 10 contracts.  $145,000 per 100 contracts per trade.


Use NADEX PUNNKD to Impress the Ladies?  

Use  NADEX PUNNKD to Impress the Ladies?


This Message Is For You Whippersnappers Out There You Young Bucks Who Need To Make Your Mark And Show That You’re Successful…  You Need That Breakthrough Way That Can Potentially Get You Some Success Going Right Now. You Need A Way That You Can Start With Very Little Money And Then Grow.

May I suggest to you  NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System V2.0 to help you make that happen.    See here’s how it would work.   You would get this system.  You then practice it for a few days on a demo.   And then you just start trading with ONE contract.  I know you want to die then I’ll Hog Wild and aggressive but just trust me on just using one contract for a while.  So let’s say you can prove yourself in two weeks but just one contract that should be good enough  to see if you can be consistent

So you just get better at the system through practice so you weed out any mistakes in your real-time decision-makingand so you can get in a groove of actually paying attention for an hour or two (I know that’s hard these days due to text messages and social media too much sugar and too much caffeine…)  but one or two hours should be pretty reasonable.

So what you do is you get good at ONEcontract. And quite frankly once you aregetting consistent results you can grow that one contract up to a decent account size where you can start making some nice cash flow as you remain consistent. And then as you get up into 10 contracts, 20 contracts, 50 contracts…  you get up into Lamborghini territory lol.   I’m serious. and if you’re not into fast cars with a lot of horsepower double-check that you’re not drinking a lot of soy milk,  maybe your estrogen is too high.

Now for you young lads out there since a lot of our customers are younger guys or older guys looking to generate retirement cash flow. But for you younger guys  just because you may be  profiting five to $20,000 a day or whatever, don’t let it go to your head!

Also understand that there is a difference between a girl who actually likes you for you and one who likes you for your wealth.   A lot of girls can pretend really well that they are absolutely in love with you but they really could care less and only want your money as unfathomable as that may sound so you’ll have to test them.

Because let’s say you get married to one of these gold diggers;  Do you understand that their mindset is to use you? yes something is really wrong with them but that’s another topic. They will take your money, and the ones that are a bit more a bit more bitter will want to, wreck you and ruin you trying to get revenge because of what someone else did to them or whatever;  they don’t want to destroy you,  like a black widow.  There are countless carnage stories out there over history that you can study in regards to the gold digger topic.

But if you can make friends with  girls who are cool and that are just friends then they may be able to help give you insight and help protect you from the gold digger as well, that is,. After you’re rolling in the dough.  If you have any sisters they could help too.   Maybe there’s professional counseling out there or some really good YouTube videos…  whatever you do, never marry a gold digger type; They’ll make it seem like you’re the greatest thing ever while deep down plotting their wicked schemes to steal all your stuff and ruin you. They may not even know that they’re doing this and it may be a deep down subconscious thing. Who cares! Just stay away. Okay that’s enough with the young buck life advice column. I thought I’d throw that in there for free:-)

On that note for the Young Bucks-  As you are generating day trading cash flow you want to look into swing trading and Trend Trading to develop out more cash flow and bigger net worth with options and stocks. Don’t just focus on immediate cash flow but have a bigger picture plan.   On top of that study and study people who I have been successful with money and wealth over time.

But getting back to the original point none of this matters unless you’re generating some sweet cash flow. So check out NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options System V2.0   and get started.

Announcement: NEW Version of PUNNKD NADEX 20 Minute Binary Optoins System Released

Announcement: NEW Version of PUNNKD NADEX 20 Minute Binary Optoins System Released

Check out the new version of PUNNKD NADEX 20 Minute Binary Optoins System  that we tweaked towards targeting expiration instead of  just scalping. We tweaked this concept for a more solid long-term durable trading method that isn’t affected by what NADEX does with its options pricing.

Now that said there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a near full profit. For example if you trigger into a move and it quickly moves up into the 90s one I just take the money and run. You don’t have to. The system now is designed to expire the binary option so do you understand that. But you do have the option of taking the profit early.

Also you do have the scalping option still because with his modified PUNNKD  entry step we refined it a bit further and this allows for a good type of swin, a High momentum swing type of entry which could allow you to take an out of the money position, let’s say one strike out of the money or maybe even two and then run it right at up past the at the money point for maximum profit delta’s in order to capture the momentum and then just take the money and run.

Because as you know sometimes price will come back towards expiration turning a position into nothing. Of course if you’re out of the money your risk is less. But when you can take an out of the money position stay from 32 to 90 well that’s pretty good. You still have that ability to do that with PUNNKD.