Why trade binary options?

It’s a unique opportunity that is less stressful then regular daytrading because you don’t have to watch a trade after you enter.   In order to profit up to 92% per trade, depending on what your broker is paying out you only need to be right by one cent, one click or one pip!

It’s pretty amazing if you think about it.  But don’t let the ease of opportunity make you lazy.  Pursue this opportunity hard looking to take full advantage of this almost ‘trading loophole’.

All you need to do is buy binary puts at a price above the close of the expiration period and buy binary calls below the closing price of the expiration period.  Start studying charts, indicators and you’ll start to get an idea how this can be done.  Or you can always take the shortcut and buy one of our binary options systems, save yourself the strain of trying to figure out a trading system from scratch.

Did you know you can trade over and over per expiration period?  If you have a binary option that expires under 60 minutes from now you could open as many trades as you want (unless your broker has some sort of limitation on extreme trading, which is rare).  So for example, if you get really good at binary trading, you could have 10, 20, 30, 50…. binary options trades that expire an hour from now – and let’s say you won them all, hypothetically speaking, or let’s say you one 30 trades – well that’s 30 x 75% (we’ll say 75% was your payout) – all within one hour.

So now the key for you is to get good at binary options trading. Break past the amateur need to win 100% of the time and look to trade systems that could net out profit over a series of trades, day by day, through that system’s win/loo ratio.


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