Our Binary Options Software

Good news for you!

Programmer depending… we are close to releasing some very cool binary options software.

One software will allow you to auto trade your own EA from MT4 or MT5

Another software will allow you to trade several brokers at once from one order entry, instantaneously.  So potentially multiply your profits and spread your “broker risk”, spread your profits out over several brokers.

Then another software will let outside signals auto trade for you.   So the signals will “push” into your copy of your binary auto trader.

We’ll let you know more through our newsletter.

At the start we won’t try to meet every possibility and everyone’s requests.  The type of computer will be windows.  And the brokers will be of our selection so you may need to open an account there.  But we’ll see.  Stability is key.  We’ll see how it turns out soon.  But that said, we’ll look to continually improve the software.

But all in all it will be pretty cool if we can make this binary options software and it’s variants work!