Binary Options Scams

Binary options scams

There are scams in binary options but there is a ton of opportunity as well– Learn how to navigate to avoid scams and find excellent opportunity to cash flow the binary options markets.

As the Forex market although maybe a little better binary options has gone through some great times and some growing pains.  The great times were actually under our direction here as we drove the industry toward more professionalism starting in about 2010 through about 2012 to 2013.  Then our attention interests went elsewhere.  And it seemed like shortly after the brokerage industry started acting up and then all the junk “Binary options robots” started coming on the scene just as a did in the Forex markets back when.

For the sake of signing up an affiliate commission many traded the “binary options software” junk.  They used selling language which would basically just say whatever, without any sort of consequence to get you to buy into signing up to a brokerage for free so they could get a binary brokerage commission.  Now I can’t tell you factually if all the software was bad or if any binary software was good.  I had no interest in testing it extensively – although we did start testing and or warned that one of our software programmers that is was a Trojan Computer data sucker. So after that we decided is not worth the time.  Why? And who cares.  Our binary options systems here are so powerful and excellent we will need to bother with other stuff.

On top of that automating binary options trading sounds great, and it can be conceptually speaking but the house model binary options brokers going to give you a hard time eventually to whatever works too well.  Now if you can do so with NADEX, which is actually possible, that’s a different story, Or any other legitimate, non-house model binary options broker.

What’s a”house model” binary options broker?  It’s a broker that makes money through net losses of their clients just like a casino house. That’s not in your best interest which is why USA has got rid of that model in the financial industry.  Brokers in the USA can only make money through fees and interest, Fees from your trading activity through form of commissions.

That said a lot of these house model binary options brokers are quite good and solid.  If you make a small to moderate amount of money there you should be absolutely fine.  You want to go with the bigger names with the bigger client bases that have proven themselves overtime.  A new binary options broker start could could end up good but many ended up to be flaky.  And if a broker goes out of business sodas your money.  So the moral of the story is, With a binary options broker house model set up, They are usually in Cyprus:

  • Don’t put too much money in account
  • Withdraw often, don’t build up your account size too big. That means try to keep it under a couple hundred thousand and don’t let it go into seven figures. Withdraw your money. Go with NADEX.  Go Forex Trade.  Graduates vanilla options
  • Stay with the big names that have been around for a while, who have a lot of clients, and have a good reputation overtime
  • Trade solid binary options systems – use ours.
  • Avoid other people’s robots in binary options software.  Mind as well make your own!
  • Trade small, prove yourself and simply compound your profits with a good money management method

That’s it for now we’ll look to add more later on this topic.  The good news is that there is hope and that you still can do very well with binary options.  You can do extremely well trading NADEX.  And you can go to huge trading Forex, Vanilla Options and Stocks whether it’s daytrading, swing trading or trend trading after that.

Just use your sense – if something seems too exciting emotionally speaking, it probably won’t work very well for you. In trading at remember this: boring trading is better trading.  Let your excitement come from watching your account grow!