All or Nothing options are essentially the same thing as binary options and digital options.  It’s as the name suggests:  make it all or lose it all.  It’s a fixed “bet”.

It’s advantage is that if the “All” part equals an 80% return, that’s a great return!

It’s ‘disadvantage’ is that if your trade is not successful, you lose the entire position. All or nothing options are for leveraged styled trading where you take a small portion of your funds and trade a small portion at a time.

If you are trading regular, vanilla options most do not use stop losses and let their options positions expired worthless (when going “long” (buying) on calls and puts).   So most actually treat their vanilla options as “All or Nothing” options anyways.

But how many of those people make an 80% return when they win?

Yes it’s possible to make 100% to 1000% or more buying calls and puts on vanilla options, but if you don’t know what you are doing it’s not going to happen very often.  If you want that to happen then you’ll need a good vanilla options trading system.  If you want the best in vanilla options trading systems go here.

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