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Victory4 Binary Options System and Strategy

A System Designed to “Feel Good” Trading While Boosting Your Confidence and Command of Binary Options Trading

Use Victory4 as a binary options system, taking all the setups without fail.  Or you can use Victory4 as a strategy, a sniper style strategy combined with your own optimization factors for that one or two highest probability hits a day.

Victory4 Binary Options System is an excellent new way to trade binary options.  You can use it as a system, meaning you just take all the setups without judgement (as you see in the systems results below).  Or you can use the Victory4 Binary Options Strategy an use to pin point optimal high probability trades for whenever you want to trade!  It’s pretty sweet!

victory4-binary-options-system-ECOVERWhat is Victory4 Binary Options System?

  • It’s a solid way to trade binaries
  • It’s a new discovery unique from any other system
  • It’s a home study course that teaches you to trade the system so you have that skill for life
  • It’s a method you can also use to apply in your other types of trading!

Why get Victory4?

  • Command.  Have a way to trade whenever you want.
  • Another new high probability set up to add to your strategy aresenal
  • Another new system to stack on top of your other systems.
  • High accuracy as systems results below show 82% winning.  I believe you can make that accuracy mark higher trading as a strategy while optimizing times and trends
  • You just may have a way here to finally make a dependable cash flow from binary options happen
  • A good feeling system meaning it feels good to trade (while other powerful systems may not feel good to trade)
  • A lower stress system in that it can be traded upon “glance overs” throughout the day meaning you don’t need to stare intently at your computer all day


Systems results represents Victory4 run as a system through the USA market hours.  This is based on trading 15 min fixed binaries although you can use 5 min binaries with potential greater accuracy we found.  You can use cycling 15 minute and 30 minute binaries too.

GBPUSD Net based on 78% Binary and $500 Per Trade
5-Jun WWWWWWWWW $   3,510.00
WWWLWWWLWW $   2,120.00
LWLWWWWLWW $   1,230.00
LLW $     (610.00)
WWWWWWLWLWW $   2,510.00
WWWWWWL $   1,840.00
WWWLLWW $       950.00
WWWLWWW $   1,840.00
Totals $ 13,390.00
 82% winning above Avg / Day $   1,673.75