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D U M P Binary Options Trading SYSTEM1

This is the trading SYSTEM not just the strategy.

What this is:

  • It’s a strategic system designed to hone in on the most well respected price burst points so we can get in front of this burst over and over for profit.
  • It’s a very flexible binary options system that is universal in its application across different instruments and times frames.
  • This system is optimized around the 5 minute binary options expiration
  • Examples are given below for 3 hour trading session for the sake of convenience.    You can trade for less time or more.  Of course if you trade for longer the potential to make a lot more money is there.
  • This system will be taught to you in a home study course.  We will make sure you understand the system so you can start trading it after you’ve done your basic homework in learning the system.

Why get this system:

  • Potential instant financial independence
  • An extraordinary way to trade to binary markets giving you the POWER to just about make “M.O.D.” (money on demand) from the binary options market.  Now although that may sound hyped we did intentially design this system in the M.O.D. style with trading setups that have been extremely reliably for over a … CENTURY of price chart action!
  • You’ll be able to “download”, “import” a new trading SUPER POWER in your ability to trade the markets.  Binary options first in our case but also Forex, stocks, vanilla options and futures.


D U M P Forex Binary Options System 1 Performance

As you see below we have added a couple extra quite harmonious factors to the D U M P Strategy.  The system trades 5 minute binaries.

This system helps you get in sync with the marketplace, the price action in the market place.

9:00 AMTO 12WL
$2,950.00A Day Average