Binary SLING Binary Options 5 Minute System and Strategy

“SLING”- Binary Options System and Strategy


$1,135.71 A Day average based on $500 Trades

200% Per Day of Your Position Sizing Average Systems Results – DAAANG!  Think What That Could Do if You Could Hammer That Out Every Day.

And don’t get ahead of yourself either, that’s on your trading position not your entire account.   You can’t trade your entire account in binary options for one position, certainly area and maybe with a stock but not with binaries.  That said once you are personally consistent trading a trading system and you know you’re winning percentage you can get a little more aggressive to match your winning percentage!

And of course we can’t make you promises, guarantees etc.  You have to actually trade the system to get get these types of potential results.

This is a great starter system.

It’s pretty laid back.  You can work on other stuff while trading this system.  Yes you have to look at the charts because this is day trading but with this binary options system you only need to glance over  here and there.  In other words you don’t have to be glued to the ticker, which will probably help your trading, decision making too.


  • Binary options system results based on trading USA markets all day.  Can apply to any markets
  • More laid back using 5 minute bars not 1 minute bars which stress some people out
  • So you have a $1,135.71 a day profit average according to the systems results based on $500.  This means you would be more than tripling your money on a daily average basis if you were able to achieve the same results going forward
  • So if you were trading $100 a trade that would be $227 a day.
  • So if you were trading $1,000 a trade that would be $2,271.42 a DAY average cash flow.  Now we’re starting to talk.
  • So let’s say you were able to attain similar accuracy – how much money would it take for you to potentially make $2,271.42 a day?  Well you have to look at the draw downs of the system and your drawdowns when you trade the system from there.  Then you can optimize.  For $2,271.42 a day you would be trading with $1000 position sizes.   Of course it’s all easy if you start out winning a bunch in a row.  But just start out small and work your way up – that’s the smart way to go.
  • And similar accuracy chances are very good since this is a professional, real system.   The two variables going forward for success is:  continued performance of the system which should be very strong since this system is based on solid price action fundamentals  and then you actually paying attention.

Now the paying attention part isn’t too stressful with this binary options system since you don’t have to actually stare at the screen.  Then entry indicators are very clear.  And you only need to glance over periodically until you see your set up. Then pay attention for a couple a few minutes and enter.  Then you just wait for your next trade. The trades are spread throughout the day and the system covers, well the system results below cover the entire USA market from open to close.  But you can trade the system whenever you’d like.

8-May WWWWWLWWW 8 1 $2,300.00
WWWWWW 6 0 $2,100.00
WLWWWWW 6 1 $1,600.00
WWLLW 3 2 $50.00
WWWWLWWL 6 2 $1,100.00
LWWLWW 4 2 $400.00
WWWLWL 4 2 $400.00
WWWLWWW 6 1 $1,600.00
LWWWWL 4 2 $400.00
LWWWWWWWW 8 1 $2,300.00
WWLWWWWW 7 1 $1,950.00
LWWLWWLW 5 3 $250.00
LWWWWWW 6 1 $1,600.00
WWLWWL 4 2 $400.00
LWWLW 3 2 $50.00
LWWWWLWWW 7 2 $1,450.00
LWWWW 4 1 $900.00
WWWW 4 0 $1,400.00
WWWLLWLW 5 3 $250.00
LLWWWWL 4 3 ($100.00)
WWWWLWWW 7 1 $1,950.00
WLWWWWWL 6 2 $1,100.00
WWLWLW 4 2 $400.00
$1,135.71 Per day


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