NADEX 2 Hour Binary Options System


NADEX 2 Hour Binary Options System – 1 Hour Binary Options System (When 2 Hour Binaries Overlap to Produce a 1 Hour Binary)

NADEX Binaries are Different than “Traditional” Binaries in that They are Dynamic and Set in Time So the Clock Keeps Ticking on Schedulve vs 1 Hour After You Get into the Trade.

The is HUGE Opportunity in the NADEX 1 Hour / 2 Hour binary for Combining Price Action and Either Momentum Moves Due to Good Deltas or Running the Trade into Expiration for the Full Profit



In order to profit from the NADEX 2 Hour Binaries we need to expand our time horizon in terms of trading an intraday trend.

What we’re looking for with this system is nail larger moves in a systematic way.   We’ll look to cash out early.  That said some trades are easy ITM expiration where you can cash out the full value, the full return if you decide to do so.  NADEX2 though, looks to take the money and run!

Why Trade NADEX 2 Hour Binaries?

  • There is plenty of time for your move to happen.
  • Slower decay rates so it’s less of a panic for your trade to work right away.
  • Better for buying Out of the Money NADEX binary options for the sake of making large percent returns (i.e. so can risk $200 to turn that into $750 riding a very specific intraday trend or swing move)
  • If your trade decides to reverse and hits your “stop loss” point, heck, just exit the trade!  You can get out of NADEX binary options you know.  (Oh you don’t?  Better get NADEX 101 )
  • Much better risk to reward ratios allowing you to run a better trading business (higher revenues and lower costs vs. ‘traditional’ binary brokers)

Depending on when you enter, you have up to 2 hours for your underlying instrument to move a decent distance or simply stay away from your entry point, in your favor to profit.

Really, if you think about it, with NADEX you only need to average 1 winning trade a day.  If you can super solidly average that one trade (which could take you 3 or 5 trades a day to average 1 winning trade)

The thing is that if you try and trade strategically or by intuition all day, well, that can be tiring with a lot of work!  So it is better to consider trading a system with simple rules that you just simply execute in order to net out a profit.

Benefits of Trading NADEX 2 Hour Binaries

  • You can trade intraday trends, momentum pops to buy and sell binary options for potentially really good returns. Yes buy and you can sell, get out early of your binary. You don’t need to wait for expiration.
  • You can achieve 100%, 200% up to 500% binaries (actually up to 800% binaries but you’ll need a good sized move for those) riding momentum and exiting or riding into a winning expiration.
  • If your trade setup breaks down then you can exit with a fractional loss. You do not need to take a complete loss as with other brokers.


Here’s a better picture of NADEX.  Crazy lookin’ isn’t it.  Not your average binary option is it.   Anyways look at this screen shot of 1 hour left on this 2 hour binary. Look at the “Indicative Price” (the underlying which is EURUSD at this moment.   The price was 1.0927(7).  The ATM strike is actually 1.0927.  But we could buy the 1.0935 strike which is only 8 pips away, ride this for 8 pips upwards taking a 10 contract position from $150 to $487.50.  If EURUSD can close over 1.0935 in an hour we can pocket the entire $850 profit (100-15= 85 x 10 contracts).

Or if EURUSD goes up a measly 12 more pips we can just sell out for $920 giving us a $770 profit instead.



As you can see there are many 8, 12 or 20 pip runs within a day on average in the EURUSD

See the horizontal grid marks, marked in 20 pips between the NY morning to close hours. Each of those grid marks could have been an potential 600% return for you!   And remember you have 2 hours or whatever is left on the 2 hour binary to do it!  It’s an awesome opportunity!



Here is the system’s results performance track record.

It looks different doesn’t it.  What’s EXTRAS?  It’s for trades that hit a trail stop, that’s all.   Those are the numbers you see in the W/L table.

  • The system is designed to work with NADEX 2 hour binaries – and we use Forex now since it’s more flexible in time.
  • NADEX2 only goes for 3 hours!
  • Based off using OTM Binaries. A win is counted as $500 on average unless stopped out with a trail stop method early.  The average loss when stopped out (exited position before expiration) is $200.  If wins were held into expiration then those wins could have netted $600 to $700.
  • So you your average risk for each trade was about $200 to $350 due to entering with OTM (out of the money)  strikes.

Why even bother trailing in profits?  Cashola my friend!    This is why this system has had $2,652.00 per puny 3 hour day based off $250 binaries!  (not even $500 binaries – we just used 10 contracts in other words)

  EURUSD   W  Win totals L  Loss totals EXTRAS (wins) Value of extras TOTAL NET PROFIT  
May 1st LLLLWWWLLWWWW 7 $3,500.00 6 1200   $0.00 $2,300.00  
  WW5WWLWWWW 8 $4,000.00 1 200 5 $50.00 $3,850.00  
  WWLLWWW10LW 6 $3,000.00 1 200 10 $100.00 $2,900.00  
  WWWWL10WWW 7 $3,500.00 1 200 10 $100.00 $3,400.00  
  WLWWWL15,5W7 5 $2,500.00 2 400 27 $270.00 $2,370.00  
  LLLLWLWWWWL 5 $2,500.00 6 1200 0 $0.00 $1,300.00  
  LWWWWW 5 $2,500.00 1 200   $0.00 $2,300.00  
  LWLWWLWWWLW10W 8 $4,000.00 4 800 10 $100.00 $3,300.00  
  LWLLLWWLW10W 5 $2,500.00 5 1000 10 $100.00 $1,600.00  
  LWWLWWWW10 7 $3,500.00 2 400 10 $100.00 $3,200.00  


Daily Average