Another USA Regulated Binary Options Exchange On the Way

Another USA Regulated Binary Options Exchange On the Way to Becoming a Viable Alternative for USA Binary Options Traders

Now this is getting interesting!

These guys are a full blown, CFTC beloved, binary options exchange.  Check this out as CBOE, NADEX and …. Cantor are the only legal binary options exchanges (to use commodity futures for their underlying – read the wording carefully 😉

They are already up and trading.  You can access their activity report here

They have some activity mostly around EURUSD according to the last daily report.


And… they are using Spot Options Platform!

Wow.  So while NADEX does it’s thing with binary options from another galaxy.  Cantor is going back in time with SpotOption – a platform you’re used to trading.  Check out Cantor Binary Options Platform    They better hire a webmaster though (although I can’t really talk too much schmack about ugly websites lol) Cantor looks like it has someone who’s stuck back in 1999 style designing their site.   That’s not a good thing to do for a broker / exchange.

But let’s see what they will offer.   Hopefully they’ll present us a full spectrum of stable binary options choices.

Well it looks like they are offering a second trading platform  by TechFinancials (24option style)  as well.

This post is being published as a quick post on the weekend.  It will be nice to see what happens when the markets open for Cantor.

I’ve never seen Cantor advertised anywhere have you?  So that provides the impression that they are still in Beta overall.  It’s hard to tell from their site.  If they are functional which obviously they are given their trading volume they should start advertising to build volume of active accounts (before you BOA ULTRA system traders get to them 😉

Well that’s it for now.  We’ll have to wait to see more of what’s going on when the markets open.   I hope they do well and provide a good service for their traders for USA’s sake.

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