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Product Specific Links for ClickBank

For our other higher ticket affiliate program (since Clickbank does not take high ticket items) you can use our main affiliate program.  Currently it has a 40% and 10% 2 tier.

You can extract ad copy off the respective page to create email followups.

Click on a logo to see more info on the product.

Your links are below that go to specific pages.  We are using a redirect script that is recommended by ClickBank.  Yes your cookie will travel through the redirect program. We tested.  Go test your self.  Go through the order process to get to the order page and look at the bottom of the page and you will see your affiliate ID.

Make sure you stay within trading laws and marketing laws.  Do not make claims.  Do not lie. Do not exaggerate.  Do not promise or even imply that someone “will” have future success.  It’s a big turn off to customers in this industry.  Just be honest.  Winning in trading is ultimately about high probability better and with our systems the odds are so much higher vs. Vegas!

If you are doing very well as an affiliate you could qualify for some super deals or complete bonuses of trading systems.  Let us know if you’re interested in these bonuses.

Stay on the newsletter!  We will only be emailing your things directly related to our products to promote and new products you can promote of ours.   Nothing else. If you put a crap email in to get to this page then go back and put your best email you check.  Not doing so could cost you a lot of money.   We are looking to launch MANY new products to ClickBank over time in part, to make YOU money to pay attention.  Also if you have suggestion for products to make that you know can score, email us and tell us.  We can make a lot of things happen.  Thanks!  Now go tear it up.

Your Links are set per page. Just replace “YOURCLICKBANKAFFILIATEID”  with your ClickBank affilate account name, affiliate id and you are good to go.

Otherwise the general account link will go to which are all links to products we have listed on ClickBank.   For signals affiliate program go to and info to sign up there.   Also if you want to join our high ticket items affiliate program go here:   main affiliate program  Sign up for both and if you use a presell landing page you can figure out how to drop both cookies for our high ticket affiliate program and for your ClickBank link.






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