Got Bitcoin? You Can Now Buy Our Products with Bitcoin

Got Bitcoin? You Can Now Buy Our Products with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are the wave of the future, at least for now. It’s the Wild West for money but cryptocurrencies are gaining legitimacy fast as countries begin to accept them and make their own cryptocurrencies.

Now what you can do here is use your Bitcoin wallet to buy our products. Stripe is processing Bitcoin for us so that’s how the mechanism works and you know stripe is very solid in reputable.

When you go to purchase a product after you select the product the payment method will pop up and then you just pick stripe. And then when the stripe window pops up you just pick Bitcoin and you pop in your Bitcoin info on to the secure order form that is connected directly to Stripe.

On that note all payment information are shopping carts gets input directly into the payment processor. Do not store your Stripe info, your credit card info for your Bitcoin info. We let the big boys handle that.

So here you can look at our products with an overall view from our shopping cart. Yes we actually have a shopping cart but never used it really because there are so many products. But it has improved so you may want to check it out here 


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