Binary Options AUTHORITY FAQ

Questions then Answers Below

  1. What are your products?  Is this software?
    1. NO this is not software!  These are real trading systems in video based home study courses.
    2. Binary options software – yeah right – have you know of one that actually works in coordination with a standard binary broker? Right.  So that s why we sell you real trading systems.
  2. Are any of your systems the same or are they all different?
    1. All of our systems are different! Each are individual “creative works of art” – as we like to think of them. Each system addresses a different style of trading. Heat system has its own feel. Each binary options system is designed to have its own desired end result.If you have any questions or feel that we need to more clearly to find something please contact us through the contact link above.
  3. How much money can I make with your systems?
    1. Well we can’t guarantee you or promise you future returns – you should know that by know … But we design systems in order to help you do very well. Additionally if you buy a system and you are struggling let us know! Our goal for each customer who wants to have the discipline to do things right is for them to become consistently profitable and then eventually very profitable.If you are struggling let us know. If you are doing very well let us know – it’s good to have feedback. But if you are struggling let’s figure out why and get you on the right track!
  4. Is there a guarantee of success?
    1. We’re not allowed to give you any sort of guarantee.   If you’re asking this question you must be new to trading.  Looking for guarantees and trading is a trap. You should be focusing on the terms “high probability Trading”
  5. Why do your products seem so expensive?
    1. Expensive relative to what?  A fake robot?
    2. Try buying a franchise! Relative to the potential these prices are cheap.  Where is the putting out good stuff that has the very strong potential to work.  If you’re looking for “cheap” there are plenty of sites out there selling cheap binary options products and related junk.
  6. What’s the best binary options broker?
    1. We can’t recommend a broker.   We can give you a list but other than NADEX and a Cantor based broker these days,  you’ll have to test on your own.  Your country may have its own brokers too – may want to check into that.
  7. What’s the best binary options expiration to trade?
    1. That deepens on which broker.  2 of our favorites are the 2 hour binary (trading for momentum and then getting out) and the 20 minute binary, both at NADEX.
  8. How can I make $1000 a day trading binary options?
    1. Get a solid system that can thereby giving you a higher probability chance at success in the future (not a guarantee but a higher probability) and work the system.  That’s the best approach from our experience.
    2. Never trade off a heart based emotional idea
    3. Make a plan and stick to it.  Evaluate that plan, adjust, test and employ if desired.
    4. Don’t aim for perfection aim for netting out a profit!
  9. What’s your return policy?
    1. There isn’t one on trading systems or trading strategies meaning, once you bought it, it’s yours.  If it’s totally not working out for you after seeking help from us and you following our instructions of corrections – we’ll replace the system with something else.  We have many, many binary options systems or can generate a solution pretty quickly.  So no worries.
    2. Unfortunately because of customer abuse and scammer abuse refunds on trading systems are out the window.  In our opinion the only reason someone would give you a refund on a proprietary trading system would be that it is junk or it’s something they copied from elsewhere.
  10. What are “Systems Results?
    1. These are results based on the system’s rules.  So if system says buy at a certain point then we count it in the track record.  This way we give you the most accurate representation of what you are buying.  You are buying the rules (and not someone’s personal performance of the system which could be filled errors especially in today’s low attention spans).  So you would need to simple learn the system rules and do them.  You do this by practice with a demo or tiny trading positions.  So you just simply get better and better at trading the system.  Every one needs to go through this process in learning to trade a system well, even we do on our own systems!   It it MUCH better to master a system yourself personally because when you do you now own a skill for life.  People keep chasing robots – it’s largely a waste of time.  What happens if the robot is no good or goes bad later?  Most robot stories we hear end badly or were never even intended to work in the first place but rather to get you to signup into a broker so that broker would get a customer and some affiliate would get a commission.
  11. Do you trade your own systems?
    1. We may or may not.  We design systems for our needs or for customer needs, desired end results.  If we like a system a lot we may even take it of the market.
    2. If a system is making too much money for us or others we make take the system off the market
    3. Many systems we make may not ever be traded by us since they were made for others and we have so many systems they are “coming out of our ears” as the expression goes.   But we design systems based on 30 years of market experience:  trading experience and systems development experience, research, testing etc.   30 years – yikes that is a long time.   So you are buying a system here whether we trade it or not based on our experience.   So therefore all systems are to be considered hypothetical, but we do make them good.  And so you understand as long as we are actively in business, we are happy to work with you to help tweak a system or even replace it to fit you better.  It is in our desire that you actually succeed and actually start netting out a profit.  It does everyone good to see you succeed and learn to trade in a professional, shrewd, simplified way.  So we tell you all this to give you as a complete and straight up perspective as we can.  And as you can see from the disclaimer below “past results do not necessarily equal future results, you could do worse, or better…”
    4. Also different folks jive with different systems, feels of a system while trading that system, different time frames, styles of systems in different ways.  You just need to find that ideal fit of a system for you.  You can’t really find it until you start trying, until you start trading.